The party explored the dungeon further, and met some nasty plants as well as the vegepygmies. The vegepymies brought them to their masters, the serpentfolk. The party fought the serpentfolk and blew up their lab, after getting some of their research notes, seeing a vivisection, seeing their horrible goblin experiments, and getting potions made from their cerebral-spinal fluid. The explored the tunnels, fought some monsters, overcame a trap, and escaped through a Shrine of sacrifice.

Taken from Feerom A Neyac’s somewhat singed journal:

After we slaughtered the vicious tree mouth, we found a wide assortment of oddly-helpful magic items in the bottom of the pit. After climbing back out, we fought a giant dragon tree, I almost died from its fire breath, and again from the sheer irony of that situation. We meet up with some plant creatures and our imbecile of a monk manages to mind-meld with one of them. If you combine two half-wits, do you get a whole one? Regardless, this relatively-new race of probably-flammable creatures has agreed to take us to their progenitors, since our double-half-wit can now apparently talk to them.

When we get down to the lab that seems to be the point of genesis for this race, we get to meet their makers. They’re weird; they look like some strange hybrid of snake and human. They appear to hold the sacred art of pyromancy in disdain, preferring instead to believe only in their ‘science’ of alchemy. I think they honestly have no idea how much of a science magic really is…

He-who-was-once-a-she challenged these alchemists to a cook-off, and between my baking expertise, and the fact that our oddly-well-prepared halfling just happened to have some quality spices, we managed to help hir concoct what was truly the best meal anyone in the room had ever tasted. As a victory condition, we got to watch as one of the two snakepeople vivisected the loser (in addition to getting access to some of their notes, and their garden). I took this time to brush up on my spells, since I had not had a chance to do that for a while.

After discovering that they had been experimenting on gobbers (whom they classified as non-sentient), we confronted them, and before you know it, we had two dead snake people on our hands, and were backed against a door with a 3x3x3 puzzle with colored sides, and a rapidly-advancing cloud of alchemical smoke which resulted from breaking pretty much every jar in their entire lab. From this cloud of smoke stumbles our bald little monk, who now has eight fingers on one hand and two on the other, and a mirror floating directly in front of her face. She is also now apparently an all-powerful wizard.

Not wanting to see what the cloud had in store for the rest of us, I did the only thing I could think of to protect us. Focusing some of my arcane power, I cast a highly-intensified burning hands into the oncoming cloud of death. Something in there must have been highly flammable, because the resulting conflagration blasted our entire group through the puzzle door, and caused our way back out to collapse. From the rubble of this emerges what can only be described as an alchemical elemental. It thinks that it is superior to me since I am its creator, I assert that that logic is fundamentally flawed. One thing leads to another, and next thing I know, I wake up, and the elemental is now stuck inside a flask.

We proceed to make our way through the rest of the cave system, fighting past some strange yodeling frogs, and distracting a hungry dire-bear before making it back to the surface. After a day-and-a-half’s travel, we manage to make it back to the place where originally entered the cave.

Apologies if something got left out; Feerom’s journal was a tad damaged from almost being set on fire several times over the course of that adventure