Erisast, a dying world. The last remnants of this once thriving realm struggle to survive on the only remaining continent, following the failure of the Omja Gynoc Prophecy. Omja Gynoc was to be the last day of creation, the day when Se Anathair, the Craftsman, destroyed the world he created and reconciled all before His throne. However in the fifth hour of Omja Gynoc, when the cursed goddess Verrata, the Betrayer, was allowed to stop wandering the mortal realm, and return to the throne of Se Anathair, she did not bow in humility as Prophecy foretold. Instead, the goddess, who had grown to love mortals through her wandering and did not wish to see their end killed Se Anathair, and assumed the throne for herself becoming Verrata, the Sustainer. The dwarves, her only worshippers before the cataclysm, were allowed the honor of taking the remnants of the 13 races on their giant ark ships to the continent of Evrion, a wild, untamed land. What will these survivors, who were never meant to be, discover as they settle Evrion?


The world should have ended 200 years ago. That is what Radiance said. However, the predicted day came and went and nothing changed. The sun still rose and set, just as it always did. It didn’t take long for the bards to begin singing new songs of what had happened. Ashrata, exile of the heavens, mother of monsters and devil-figure of a thousand faiths had poisoned the Lord of Radiance himself. The end was not going to come.

Many countries began aligning themselves for or against this catastrophe. Those who cling to Radiance, the Old Ways, maintain that the will of the Lord needs to be fulfilled, and formed the voidseekers, a militaristic religious order attempting to find some way to salvage that divine plan. Those embracing this as a blessing became the Nocturnals, a new faith for a new era, honoring Ashrata as a selfless goddess and patron of existence who learned the good of mankind by being among them in her exile.

3 Religions: Radiance, Druidism, the Contumax. Radiants believes that Bythos (AKA Aten Amarna) is the one true god, and all other “gods” are merely rebelious angels, the chief among them being Ashrata, who they believe is trying to usurp his authority by preventing the Apocalypse that should have happened 200 years ago. Druidism worships the Beast, a force connected with nature and natural order. They stay out of religious conflicts, and view both Bythos and Ashrata as important to the continuance of the world. The Contumax is a religion worship the devil-figure of the Radiants. The Contumacious believe that after Ashrata was cast out of the divine realms for her destructive nature, she learned compassion by staying among humanity, and now desires to save the world from the the Plan of Bythos, which requires the destruction of the current world in order to make way for the next, greater realm.

Dwarves are clones made from 7 stones containing the essence of one man.

Elves are heavily inspired by the vril-ya.

Orcs, etc?

Halflings are from islands (insular dwarfism.)