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Artefacts, Treasures and Hidden Places

The two major artifacts introduced so far are the Protogenic Stones and the Elemental Hats, both of which have ties to the Elemental Titans.

Protogenic Stones

Given by one of the goddesses of agriculture to her starving people in the midst of a great famine, these six magical stones are imbued with great power. They were used by the goddess’ people for may centuries to guard and protect their crops and villages. Slowly, however, they began to disappear, whether through theft, natural disaster, or taken by outsiders by force. There has been little information on their location, though this may have as much to do with their nondescript appearance as well as the desire of their possessors to keep them hidden.

Each of the Protogenic Stones is a medium-sized oval, about 8 inches long and 4 inches in diameter, with rounded ends. They are typically medium brown in color, and have several lines carved into one side of the stone. Each stone has unique powers, and when several stones are brought together, additional powers are gained. Each power can affect a given person only once in a 24-hour period.

The individual powers of the stones are:

The following powers are gained by possessing sets of 2 or more Protogenic Stones (which individual stones is irrelevant).

All powers are cumulative. All powers operate as if cast by a 20th level spellcaster.

The Elemental Hats

These hats, created by Anrond the Uniter via a pact with the Elemental Titans. The result was five powerful elemental hats. Whenever a hat gets a new owner, its powers work for one day (a sort of emergency mode), after that any elementals summoned by the hat will remain but no longer be under the control of the hat-wearer. After that, if control of the hat is desired, a pilgrimage to the elemental temple corresponding to the hat and must make a deal surrendering their soul to the elemental plane.

There are five hats, four of which are elemental, and the fifth of which is acts as a key to unlock the prison of the Elemental Titans.

Every hat allows a person to cast Summon Monster I-VI, with unlimited duration, to summon a number of elementals whose hit dice do not exceed twice their hit dice. The unique powers of the various hats are as follows:

Hat of Air

Hat of Earth

Hat of Fire

Hat of Water

Keystone Hat

When an elemental hat is placed over this hat, it can be used to release one of the Elemental Titans from their prison in the Tartaran Wastes.

Elemental Daggers

The elemental daggers were wielded by the armies of Anrond the Uniter. Each one is an intelligent weapon containing an elemental, bound in service to any mortal rulers of a country. There are three grades of Elemental Daggers:


A minor elemental dagger is a +1 weapon, with and ego of 11, and the ability to cast the following cantrips once a day:


A medium elemental dagger is a +2 weapon, with an ego of 16, all the cantrips of a minor elemental dagger, and the ability to cast Summon Monster IV (elementals only) three times a day.


A major elemental dagger is a +5 weapon, with and ego of 22, all the cantrips of a minor elemental dagger, the ability to cast Summon Monster IV (elementals only) three times a day, and the following abilities:

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