Cosmology.png The planet Rhea is the primary planet of Rheaspace. Rheaspace is a microcosm within the Metaverse’s Astral Plane. Besides the primary plane of Rheaspace, where all its planets exist, there are also five secondary planes.

Primary Plane of Rheaspace

The Metaverse

Rheaspace Microcosm
Arrangement: Axial
Primary Plane: Rheaspace (Material, Geocentric, Primary Planet: Rhea)
Secondary Planes: Plane of Light (Parallel), Plane of Shadow (Parallel), Blessed Isles, Tartaran Wastes

Rheaspace is an axial microcosm, whose Primary plane appears as a geocentric celestial sphere in the Great Realm facade of the Astral plane. At the center of Rheaspace is the planet Rhea. Within Rhea is the Nether, which surrounds the Tartaran Wastes, an Abyssal layer (see above), where the Elemental Titans have been imprisoned. The other secondary planes of the microcosm are the Plane of Light (aka Faerie, the Sunrealms, the Positive Energy Plane, or the Ethereal Plane) and the Plane of Shadow (aka Geist, the Blightrealms, and the Negative Energy Plane) which are two parallel planes where fairies and undead live, and where the gods build their great Holygates and Banegates, as well as anchor their demiplanes.

The thing keeping all the planes together are the Ley Lines, which are powerful magical conduits that allow energy from the Planes of Light and Shadow as well as the Astral plane to let magic into the world. The Ley Lines act like a thread, and the nodes where they meet are like a seem holding all of creation together.

Planets/Celestial Bodies


Secondary Planes

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