Goblinoids are all related to orcs, who ultimately come from elves corrupted by the magic of the Unseelie court. Traits that most goblinoids have in common are green skin and sharp teeth. Goblinoids are actually green because they photosynthesize and as a result, they do not need to eat anything other than water and dirt. However, all goblinoids suffer from an affliction called the Hunger, which causes them to slowly become more bestial and insane until they eat animal meat. For some reason, humanoid flesh is known to sate this hunger for much longer than beast flesh, and so some goblinoid tribes turn to cannibalism.

Orcs are set apart from the other races by their comparatively low intellect and penchant for violence. They are a frequently seen enslaving and raiding other cultures, which has given them a well-deserved reputation for barbarism. If that weren’t enough, orcs frequently accept the pariahs, outcasts and banished of other races provided they are willing to pull their own in the tribe (and it doesn’t hurt if they demonstrate immense strength.) Non-orc slaves and refugees can actually rise to leadership positions in orc society, and interbreeding is not unheard of (though it is not always consensual.)


It is hard to pin down orcish religion but two trends are visible within it. The first is a worship of the Unseelie fey. The second is the worship of Garbag Foulslayer (Neikos), who represents destruction and war, but most importantly strength, which the orcs value above all.

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