Rhea has a surface area about 4% the size of Earth. The whole planet has the same surface area as Russia and India combined (7.878 million mi².) Domonormia has about the same surface area as Algeria. Protinoshki has about the same surface areas as Libya. (In the image above, each square represents about 27,353 mi².)

The crust is about 32 miles deep, and the Cthonic Realms goes about 10-15 miles deep.




The level demographics work out as follows:

If you want more precise numbers, assume that about 1 in 20 of the population has any PC class levels, and that every additional level has half as many members as the last. 1 in 40 has 1 PC level, 1 in 80 has 2 PC levels, etc. About half of all NPCs with PC class levels are spell casters.


The most common non-human races in human civilizations are half-elves, half-orcs and halflings. Elves and dwarves are the next most common, and rarest of all are the gnomes, who live primarily in Faerie.

The reason for the prevalence of half-elves is two-fold. First, half-elves are an established population in human civilizations who often stay within their own race to breed. Second, elves often father quite a few children during their 10 year coming-of-age ritual (which is in some ways similar to Rumspringa in Amish communities.

The breakdown of races (over the entire continent) probably looks something like this:

In Kirkhaven, citizenship breaks down as: 72.4% humans 12.6% part-humans (halflings, half-elves, half-orcs, etc.) 6.2% dwarves 4.8% gnomes 2.9% elves .9% .2% orcs, goblinoids