Kaisi Trading Company

Headquartered on Ul Endu (Riphaeus 1813), this mercantile corporation is one of the oldest interstellar businesses within the Triarchy of Endu. KTC was granted a royal charter before the A’andino ventured outside their home star system. The company’s original purpose was the discovery of rare metals and minerals on Ul Endu’s moon, Charhi, but expanded into other areas once the jump drive was discovered.

KTC is most active in subsector G, particularly among the worlds immediately rimward of the Triarchy. The company has developed a reputation for both canny business decisions and aggressive, even violent, behavior when faced with opposition from other companies.

Unlike many influential aspects of the Triarchy, KTC’s upper management still consists largely of A’andinos. Comparatively few humans have risen to become merchant captains, let alone executives.