Alssukhur (Riphaeus 1908)

Issa Loewe: Official in the Alssukhur Coordinating Authority, possibly a member of its intelligence apparatus. Age 50.


Captain Vlado Costa: Ducal navy quartermaster; old acquaintance of Admiral Fujiwara. Age 60.

Bajy (Riphaeus 1711)

Antef Rapi: A human merchant prince and master of the yacht Bakaa. Age 54.


Commander Aníbal Yoshida: High-ranking member of the local Imperial Nagoyan Naval Intelligence branch. Age 38.

Lieutenant Ingvar Devereaux: Assistant to Commander Yoshida. Age 26.

Major Oren Penzig: Head of Cimérian Army Intelligence. Age 34.

Furontia Development Corporation

Lieutenant Aurelio Harsha: Aide-de-camp to Lt. Col. Benedek Weimann of the FDC Special Circumstances Division. Age 24.

Lt. Colonel Benedek Weimann: Team Leader in the FDC Special Circumstances Division. Currently held in captivity on Vimur. Age 42.

Royce Cartwright: Executive Director of the External Projects Division of the FDC. Age 50.

Jörmungand (Riphaeus 1817)

Ansgar Kohl: Ovurst (Colonel) of the Iron Banner militia forces of the Tanzer family. Age 46.

Antonia Braun: Eldest child of Henning Braun, head of the powerful Braun family. Masquerading as Tatjana Metzger, sister of Matthias Metzger, a vassal of the Tanzer family. Age 26.

Henning Braun: Head of the powerful Braun family and father of Antonia. Reputed to be in league with agents of the Second Federation of Suns.

Matthias Metzger: Member of an important vassal family of the Tanzers. Has a public reputation as a ne’er-do-well, although that is a deception. Age 26.

Nagoya (Riphaeus 2120)

Henrique: Current emperor of Nagoya, who ascended the Throne of Paulo in 341, following the death of his father Fernando II Kashikoi. Age 72.

Second Federation of Suns

Mitra Stroud: Premier of the Federation and General Secretary of the New Dawn Party. Age 59.

Tilion (Riphaeus 1820)

Hideki DaCosta: Duke of Tilion and second cousin of Emperor Henrique. A former naval officer who distinguished himself as a keen tactician. Age 59.

Vimur (Riphaeus 1717)

Andevuk Proth: Second Triumvir of the ruling junta of the planet. Formerly a fine military officer, he has become soft in recent years and lives primarily for luxury. Age 42.

Chova Eshapat: First Triumvir of the ruling junta of the planet. Ruthless and moody, he is currently leading the invasion of Elivagar himself. Age 50.