Player Characters

Universal Exports

Force Commander Hiram Azari (Marines)

9C7D73 Age 30 3 terms

Cutlass-3, Electronics-1, Mechanical-1, Winged Craft-1, Revolver-1

Commander Arnold Helois (Imperial Nagoyan Navy, Retired)

8C78B9 Age 38 5 terms

Cutlass-1, Laser Carbine-1, Admin-1, Computer-1, Engineering-1, Forward Observer-1, Gunnery-1, Navigation-1, Pilot-1, Ship’s Boat-1, Vacc Suit-1

Third Officer Chikondi David (ex-Merchant)

952579 Age 38 5 terms

Jack-of-all-Trades-2, Streetwise-2, Vacc Suit-1, Shotgun-1, Electronics-1, Blade Combat (Blade)-1

Cirocco Jones (ex-Other)

674984 Age 30 3 terms

Brawling-1, Computer-1, Shotgun-1

Fourth Officer Dragoslav Ikeda (ex-Merchant)

598863 Age 22 1 term

Auto Pistol-2, Mechanics-1

Force Commander Hyousuke Fujiwara (Imperial Nagoyan Naval Infantry, Retired)

87675C Age 26 2 terms

ATV-1, Brawling-2, Cutlass-1, Revolver-1, Mechanical-1

Colonel Mathieu Virtaren (Imperial Army of Nagoya, Retired)

3B7695 Age 38 5 terms

Brawling-2, Dagger-1, Computer-1, Tactics-2, Rifle-1, SMG-3, Leader-1

Norman Bean (ex-Scout)

4582A9 Age 34 4 terms

Pilot-3, Medical-3, Computer-1, Electronic-1, Jack of all Trades-1, Mechanical-1, Navigation-1

Red Planet Investigations & Salvage

Second Officer Athard Robak (ex-Merchant)

656788 Age 46 7 terms

Carbine-2, Electronics-1, Jack-o-T-2, Blade-1, Streetwise-3, Vacc Suit-1

Lieutenant Fausto Chiba, Baron Funai (Imperial Nagoyan Navy, retired)

68875C Age 26 2 terms

Forward Observer-1, Mechanical-1, Cutlass-1, Vacc Suit-1, Jack-o-T-1

Captain Harasima “Harry” Domacillano (ex-Merchant)

787DD3 Age 46 7 terms

Admin-3, Dagger-2, Electronics-3, Mechanical-2, Medical-3, Pilot-1, Steward-1, Streetwise-2

Ivory Barrett (ex-Merchant)

8B6475 Age 29 1 term

Bribery-1, Vacc Suit-1, Laser Carbine-1, Cutlass-1

Colonel Rendan Bardle (Planetary Army of Relay, Retired)

6899D3 Age 38 5 terms

Admin-2, Computer-1, Gambling-1, Leader-2, Medical-2, Rifle-1, SMG-1, Tactics-2

Captain Sir Thorbjornn van Fleet (Imperial Nagoyan Naval Infantry, Retired)

87586B Age 30 3 terms

Brawling-1, Cutlass-3, Revolver-3

Major Wilfred Dargan (Planetary Army of Relay, Retired)

BD7397 Age 30 3 Terms

Cutlass-1, Rifle-1, SMG-2, Forward Observer-1