Sanjaa The Sanjaa subsector contains 27 worlds with a population of 11.1 billion. The highest population is 10 billion, at Jia. The highest tech level is D at Doheem, Sanjaa and Vidyava. Most of its worlds are non-aligned, though several are either subjects of the Empire of Nagoya or members of the Sanjaa Defense League.

Aingeru (Riphaeus 2422)

Except for the presence of a naval base leased to the Empire of Nagoya, Aingeru is a world of little consequence. Its native population consists of less than 100 permanent residents, descendants of exiles from Sanjaa (Riphaeus 2424), who fled that world’s increasingly stifling and paranoid political environment.

Anomaly Five (Riphaeus 1928)

This star system is littered with numerous quantum black holes (whether naturally occurring or artificial is unknown) in unpredictable and eccentric orbits. Travel into the system is thus extremely hazardous.

Kfar Nahum (Riphaeus 2223)

Kfar Naham is a pleasant, orderly world and a significant trading partner with the Sanjaa Defense League. Though it has long resisted attempts to bully it into formally entering that alliance, its government has nevertheless allowed the establishment of a SDL naval base here.

Narakada (Riphaeus 2324)

Narakada has been designated a Red Zone preserve by the Explorers' Union, in order to protect the pre-sentient fluorine-breathing life forms that dwell on its surface. Given that the planet’s local conditions are extremely unsuitable for human life, there have been few attempts to violate the quarantine.

Q’Lor (Riphaeus 2323)

Q’Lor is a world encircled by a heat desert; only in the polar regions are the sun’s rays attenuated enough to allow a tropical, life-bearing environment. The equatorial regions as far north and south as 45° latitude are lifeless, baked in temperatures that can exceed 70° C under the afternoon sun. The tropical region around the Great Polar Sea does support a fairly large settlement (Port Lor). Its primary economic basis is the collection of manganese, cobalt, and other mineral elements of high purity that are uncovered on the desert surface after a “devil blow” – a hurricane-force storm on the desert surface that drives sand rather than rain. These minerals were laid down eons ago, when the central desert was the floor of a planet-wide ocean. Now, they attract the interest of various mineral exploitation firms from the Empire of Nagoya and Sanjaa Defense League, operating under license from Q’Lor’s planetary government.

Relay (Riphaeus 2325)

Until two decades ago, Relay was a politically powerful world whose influence within the SDL rivaled that of Sanjaa (Riphaeus 2424) itself. Its government used that influence to attempt to move the League toward fairer (i.e. less Sanjaa-centric) policies, including conciliation with the Empire of Nagoya. This led to Sanjaa-backed propaganda campaigns and military insurrections that toppled Relay’s government and allowed General Nur Loman to assume power. Loman inveighs against “Nagoyan meddling” in the subsector and keeps the planet’s population in fear of invasion, which has made him surprisingly popular in many quarters. Sadly, his rise to power destroyed Relay’s economy, to the point that even its local starport can no longer support the offworld traffic that once came here.

Sanjaa (Riphaeus 2424)

With over 100 million inhabitants, Sanjaa is, by far, the most populous world of the Sanjaa Defense League, for which it serves as its capital and military hub. Indeed, the interests of Sanjaa’s aristocratic elites, chief of which is continued independence from the Empire of Nagoya to coreward and the Angelic Republic to rimward, are the primary drivers of the League’s politics (often to the detriment of its member worlds).