Aliduke the Proud

Ein stolzer, heidnischer Ritter.

Born: 462
Squired: 477
Knighted: 485
Died: 505
Sir Aliduke gerät in einen Hinterhalt und wird von Männern Sir Blains aus Levcomagus erschlagen.




Personal DataStatistics Annual Glory
Name Aliduke the Proud Siz 11Personality Traits 32
Age 30Dex 14Passions 65
Homeland Sailsbury, Sarum Str 15Holdings 38
Culture Cymric Con 14Quality of Maintenance 0
Religion Pagan App 12Chivalry 0
Liege Lord Roderic, Earl of Sailsbury Damage 4d6Religion 0
Current Class Knight Healing Rate 3Total Annual Glory 135
Current Home Tisbury, Sailsbury Move Rate 3
Libra (Pfund)52Hit Points 25
Glory 4236Unconcious 6
Personality Traits
Chaste 5/15Lustful
Energetic .14/6Lazy
Forgiving 10/10Vengeful
Generous .14/6Selfish
Just .10/10Arbitrary
Merciful .10/10Cruel
Modest .4/16Proud
Pious 10/10Worldly
Prudent 11/9Reckless
Temperate 10/10Indulgent
Trusting 10/10Suspicious
Valorous .16/4Cowardly
Directed Trait
Lustful Igraine 9
Loyalty (Lord)16
Love (Family)16
Hospitality 15
Honor 16
Hate (Saxons)17
Skills Combat Skills
Awareness 11Battle 15
Boating 1Horsemanship 15
Compose 1Sword 14
Courtesy 9Lance 11
Dancing 2Spear 6
Faerie Lore 7Dagger 5
Falconry 6
First Aid 12
Flirting 11
Folklore 4
Gaming 4
Heraldry 3
Hunting 3
Intrigue 8
Orate 3
Play (Harp)3
Read (Latin)0
Recognize 10
Religion (Pagan)2
Romance 5
Singing 2Armor Type
Stewardship 2Chainmail 10
Swimming 2Longshield 6
Tourney 2Valorous Armor 3