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Rogues Gallery

Maria Nightbreeze - wood elf arcane trickster rogue

Wayelin Preston - tielfing redemption paladin

Ben - high elf mastermind rogue

Beauford Jr - College of whispers bard

Daria - halfling thief rogue

Eddie Gum - gnome inquisitive rogue

Yassera - tielfing scout rogue

Maria, Wayelin and Ben and from time to time Eddie Gum and Yassera had been trying to figure out why someone would send a nimblewright to use a bead from a necklace of fireballs to blow up in the street in from of Trollskull Tavern killing 11 people. Clues that they had found all lead back to the Stone of Golarr, a reportedly magical item that knew the location of 500,000gp that had been embezzled by Lord Dagult Neverember, former Open Lord of Waterdeep. Ranaer Neverember along with Floon had been kidnapped by the Xanathar Guild thinking that Ranaer knew where to find this stone. He did not. Their search had led them all over Waterdeep. The trail of the rogue nimblewright had gone cold and they decided to head back to Mount Waterdeep to see about using a griffon to fly over the city to use the nimblewright finder again. Ben and Maria had met Daria through the Harpers so they invited her to come along. They had also hired Beauford Jr, an up-and-coming bard for the Tavern’s entertainment. It was his day off so he asked if he could come with them and they agreed.

They arrived at Mount Waterdeep and went to the aerie where the griffons were kept. Bonesnapper, the griffon that Wayelin had ridden before, was available again. Bonesnapper was a bit jumpy throughout the flight but Wayelin had a hit on the nimblewright finder very quickly. It had come from the Dock Ward and Wayelin recognized the building right way - it was the warehouse where they had found Ranaer while looking for Floon some weeks back. Wayelin completed the circuit around the city and upon arriving back at the aerie he told the others what he had found. They gathered their gear, waited until dark and then took one of the private magic taxis to the Dock Ward.

Gloom enveloped a narrow alley as dark as a dungeon and as odorous as one, too. Nearly all the streetlamps had been smashed. The only light that pierced the darkness was a faint flickering from down the lane, like a distant candle.

Very little had changed on the outside of the warehouse since the last time they were there. And there was no sign of the City Watch during the hour they cased the place. Daria stepped up to the gate and unlocked it. They decided to go straight for the front door this time. It was locked but was opened very quickly as well. Some of the light from outside spilled into the warehouse but not enough for Beauford Jr. to see all the way to the back of the warehouse. The bodies of the Zhents and Xanths had been removed and some other clean-up had taken place. Wayelin cast Light so everyone could see to the back of the warehouse. They saw a large pile of trash, made up of old tarps, broken barrels and damage crates. A few pieces of cut up leather armor were seen also. The leather looked like the armor that the Zhents and Xanaths liked to wear. They did not see or hear anything but there was a feeling that someone or something was watching them. They all focused on the pile of trash. Maria moved around on its far side and saw a flash of bronze metal coming from the pile. It matched the color that Nim had said he had used when building this nimblewright. Maria signaled to Daria and then drew her bow to took a shot. The nimblewright jumped out the pile brandishing a rapier and wearing an old cloak. Daria has signaled to the others about what Maria had found. Wayelin tried to talk with it but the nimblewright only had to attack them on his mind. Wayelin said do not beat it up too bad. We need to return it to the Temple of Gond. It did not take long before it was defeated.

They searched it and found a rapier, a presumably stolen cloak, determined only by the way it looked, and a folded up piece of parchment. Daria unfolded it and saw that it was a map.


There was a big x covering a building in the north part of the Dock Ward.

The first stope would be to the Temple of Gond to return the nimblewright as they had promised. They arrived and Valletta thanked them for returning it. She gave them 500gp and one each of the following: Adjustable Stilts. The stilts take 1 minute to put on or remove. They increase the height of any humanoid wearing them by 2 to 5 feet. Each stilt weighs 8 pounds and is 1 foot long when fully collapsed.

Backpack Parachute. A humanoid wearing this piece of gear can deploy the parachute as a reaction while falling, or as an action otherwise. The parachute requires at least a 10-foot cube of unoccupied space in which to deploy, and it doesn’t open fast enough to slow a fall of fewer than 60 feet. If it has sufficient time and space to deploy properly, the parachute allows its wearer to land without taking falling damage. Once it has been used, the parachute takes 10 minutes to repack.

Barking Box. This metal cube, 6 inches on a side, has a crank on top. Using an action to wind the crank activates the box for 8 hours. While activated, the box barks whenever it detects vibrations within 15 feet of it, as long as the box and the source of the vibrations are in contact with the same ground or substance. A switch on one side of the box sets the device to emit either a small dog’s bark or a large dog’s bark.

Matchless Pipe. A switch made of flint is built into the bowl of this fine wooden smoking pipe. With a few flicks of the switch, the pipe lights itself.

They decided to do some investigation to see what they could find about the building with the X on it on the map. They decided to go see Mirt at his house. Mirt welcomed them in even though it was late. He served them their favorite drinks then got out his maps of Waterdeep to see if they could identify the building that had been marked.

Mirt said “that looks to be Grinda Garloth’s house. Grinda is an eccentric human of some magical talent. She is not quite as she seems as her real passion lies in the warehouse attached to her house. I will let her describe that contraption.”

They thought that they should speak with her this evening even though it was late. They got an address and found a taxi to the Dock Ward. They went to the first door they saw and knocked. No one came to the door. They went around to the other door and knocked. They heard a woman’s voice ask them what did they want? They said they wanted to talk with her about the Xanths and that they feared for her life. She opened the door and let them.

Her ramshackle home contains an unmade bed, an alchemist’s laboratory, a small stove, a coat rack, a table, a stool, a stuffed chair in poor condition, a washbasin, and a wooden sea chest.

They explained that they had found evidence that she may be in danger. They told her that she may have something that the Xanthas are looking for and they hurt her to get it. She said the only thing I have is that and she pointed to a sign that read “Ask Me About My Apparatus.” They did and she described it as a large metallic vehicle that resembled a lobster. It was capable of moving on land, on water, and underwater. She rented it out so folks could take it under the water in the bay to look for treasure on the ocean floor, the rental fee was a percentage of what they find as her apparatus of Kwalish. It would take at least a day to do a cycle of the bay. But, it was too late at night for them to go out in it. They asked if she would hold it for them till the next morning. She said yes and they said their goodbyes.

The group was concerned that the Xanaths wanted to use the apparatus to look for the Stone of Golarr in the bay. If the group could find the stone first, they may figure out what is going on.

They went back to the Tavern, had a few drinks, a small meal and experimented with a couple of different varieties of hot wings for an upcoming hot wing eating contest(Do not remember any of the names. Then they went to bed.

They headed to the Dock Ward first thing in the morning. As they turned the corner to get to Grinda’s house they heard a banging on a door and a dwarf yelling “open up woman, we know you are in there. We came for it, like we said we would.” Ben shouted to leave her alone as he turned the corner. Wayelin said we do not want to hurt you. The dwarf said that this did not concern them but if they did not leave, they would give them trouble. The group stood still and the dwarf send his three men to get them And he stood back and took aim with his crossbow arm.


Wayelin cast Sleep and the dwarf’s three men fell fast asleep. The group went to engage him but four thugs jumped out the shadows yelling, you better have that gold you promised us, dwarf, for doing this. And they attacked the back of the group. The dwarf shot his crossbow and tried to wake up his men. They all eventually woke up but were no match for the group with only one surviving in the end. Meanwhile, the thugs at the back were put down really quick as well. Two of the dwarf’s men formed a barrier so the dwarf could escape. He ran around the dockside of the building while they stood there and fought to their death. Maria chased after him but lost him as she got attacked by a merrow. It was a bit more tricky to hit the merrow as it was in the water and it was throwing harpoons as Maria and Daria. Soon there was nothing left but a shine of blood on the top of the water. Maria ran around to the back of the building but she did not see the dwarf. She knocked on the dockside door and Grinda peaked out and asked if the dwarf had left. Maria said the dwarf was gone but his men were dead or being held captive.


One of the dwarf’s men had been hit by Tasha’s Hideous Laughter and was captured to be interrogated. Wayelin said we should not harm him. The rest of the group was ready to throw him in the bay. They got him to talk and he told what he knew which was not much. He had been hired, 1 gold for the job, to back up the dwarf. The dwarf had been looking for a magical item of that he said that the woman had. Discussing amongst themselves, the returned and asked him if he would a like a job at their soon to be opened brothel. They would pay him 2 gold per week plus meals and drinks. He said he would think about it. They gave him the address to the Trollskull Tavern and then let him go.

Maria and Grinda opened the main door and let the others in. Grinda touched a secret panel that opened into a sitting room just inside the warehouse. Hoisted over an open trapdoor was the Apparatus of Kwalish.


She asked them to have a seat. Grinda admits that she had done business with the Xanathar Guild in the past. Her orders were to protect the Stone until Noska arrived to claim it, but she changed her mind and decided to keep the Stone for herself. She now realizes that the decision was a big mistake. When asked where the stone was now she said she gave the Stone to her rat familiar and told the creature to stash it in her family’s mausoleum in the City of the Dead. Then she gives the group directions to the mausoleum and a key to be able to get in.