Welcome to Steewood


Our adventurers came to the town of Steewood and slept in the stables of the inn/tavern, The Night’s Roost. The next day, they visited the tavern, The Chopped Mutton, where they met an adventurer named Brion. He was accompanied by a robed woman and a child-sized figure with a cloak that hid any identifiable feature. Brion boasted about his many adventures and showed off his sword, a half-red, half-blue blade separated by a wavy pattern. He said that it gives him safe travels at sea and to strengthen himself on the blood of his enemies. He wanted to know if they’d like to be hired as grunts for him for he is seeking the Tomb they know from last session. The party agreed as they felt they’d be safe from danger that way and also because some wanted to steal his sword for themselves. They also learnt about some problems from a raiding party lead by some nobility and that there is a wizard’s tower a few days travel away but no one has seen him in a while, that the person that 1st found the tomb has disappeared and there are rumors of small, smelly green men trying to recruit people asking people to be their king.

Afterwards, the party split up.

The party got back together at the front gate of the town to join up with Brion, his party and 20 men that look like simple thugs and peasants with carts and horses. While travelling towards the tomb, they are suddenly attacked by a small army of men. Some of the men are wear platemail and are riding horses.