Avatism is the most followed religion in Rydovan. During the rise of the empire, it was declared the official religion. Avatism is a monotheistic religion centered around Avatus with dualistic cosmology focusing on good, truth, and light vs evil, lies, and darkness.

In 249 AR, the Norchist movement grew to the height of it’s popularity after a group of Norchists were attacked by solders during a protest of the orthodox church’s imprisonment of Deep Pantheon priests. The movement soon after formed into the church of Norchist Avatism. Over the course of several years after Norchist Avatism was created, the Orthodox Avatist church began to shift away from many of their older beliefs and practices.

Orthodox Avatism

Orthodox Avatism, also known as The Old Church, dates back long before the times of the empire. It is centered around Avatus and a small number of saints and a central church. The Orthodox church is the most popular religion in much of Rydovan, though it is starting to decline in popularity as the government backing behind the church has been waning over the past decades.

The Orthodox church has had many controversies in the past due to the treatment of followers of other religions, along with the treatment of Kayal, Wayangs, Oreads, and Ysoki. This culminated in an inquisition against followers of The Deep Pantheon in the years of 214-253 AR. The Inquisition ended after the Norchist Movement culminated into a rivaling church and started to draw many members of the Orthodox Church away. The current church still has a record of controversies dealing with non-members and other races, but there are many factions within the church that seek to change it’s ways.


Orthodox Avatism has 6 major saints


Saint Arsad the Reedemer is the saint of redemption, love, and beauty. In life, he was a






Norchist Avatism

Norchist Avatism, sometimes referred to as The New Church, is the second most popular religion in Rydovan. It is seen as a less authoritarian or hostile alternative to the Orthodox Church. The church is less formally structured, being focused around Avatus himself instead of the church around him. Norchists are not free from controversy either. Many Wayangs and Kayal report that many regions with Norchist government leaders have significantly less legal rights that apply to their race.