Races of Rydovan

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Common Races

These are the most numerous species in Rydovan


Humans are the newest race in the underground, first appearing around 300 years ago. Even though they are so new, they are the most populous race in the underground, making up nearly a third of all sentient life. Humans are seen as the “default” race in most situations, leading to non-humans seeing them as arrogant and self-important.


Elves are one of the most mysterious races in the underground. Elves do not have any form of biological sex, and don’t experience aging. When an elf has lived for around 200 years, they are compelled to leave their old lives, disappearing into unexplored regions of the underground. They are often seen returning after several weeks, with no memories and none of the equipment they left with. Elves often believe that this is due to some divine nature inherent to elves, which others often don’t agree with.


Setting name for Fetchlings

Kayal appear similar to humans, though slightly thinner, taller, and lacking any hue on their body, as if viewed in black and white. They are seen as hard workers by others, though lacking the ability to learn many specialized skills beyond manual labor. This assumption is common because kayal are not given many opportunities to learn these specialized skills, leading to many kayal to leave settled areas or join criminal organizations that will give them opportunity to get an education.


Wayangs look like shorter kayal with a sharper body shape. They are not trusted by other races. They are seen as secretive, seeking forbidden knowledge and working towards hidden plots. This perception is aided by the common wayang attitude towards not sharing information they see as unnecessary to share. They also have invented the art of fleshcrafting, turning skin and muscles into strange but useful contraptions.


Oreads are made from solid stone, metal, and crystal that acts similarly to flesh. They are believed to be more in-tune with the natural environment of the underground. They are rare in larger settlements, much more common in small camps on the outskirts of civilization. Many see them as dangerous, wanting to destroy cities and the people living there to restore the natural order of the wilderness.


Sometimes called Ratfolk

Ysoki resemble large rats, though they are the smallest of the common races. They are not respected much, viewed as swindlers and common thieves. This is mostly because they are often pushed into situations where survival relies on crime and shady tactics. If somebody gets to know a ysoki, they often find that they make excellent partners, being extremely reliable to those that show them respect.