Here is where I’m keeping my campaign logs for my D&D5e games on roll20, starting with Lost Mines of Phandelver.

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Character descriptions

Anamtine Draoi:

I am a Dragonborn Sorcerer, with Brass dragon scales, 6’4” & 183lbs. Being a mage, I do not wear armor and tend to only wear my black robes & sometimes a hooded cloak.

Back Story

Born to the dragon born clan from a clutch of three our fates were predetermined by our elders; I was set to take over the Library of lore left to us by our draconic forefathers, always inquisitive as a youngling i always sought new knowledge; Unfortunately a great temper would at times over take me most likely from the red dragon magical blood running in my veins, Always competitive with my siblings we all strove to best one another in various ways; When in the heat of a argument over a minor slight a great rage over came me as my sorcerous blood awoke and magic coursed thru me born on the rage that overcame me i blasted and almost mortally wounded my sibling. In shame of the loss of control and the almost ecstatic feel of the magic and anger flowing thru me i left my clan to live in the wilderness vowing to learn to control the red dragon magic running through me, traveling to the elves to learn meditative techniques to help quell the anger burning in me helped for a time but not enough, living by myself in a cave in the wilderness practicing my magic and shunning society till loneliness and the desire for more knowledge than i could gather by myself drove me out to rejoin society to try and learn more of the world and and more of my true nature.. since being alone for a time doesn’t know how to deal with society as well as others and tends to seem moody and reflective as studies my surroundings striving to learn all i can while holding down the anger that’s never fully gone from my being, and the secret craving to let it loose at the same time.

Aurelius Wolf:

I am a Human Cleric, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, 6’5” 225lbs of solid muscle. Sort of odd for a Cleric to be so athletic some would say. Currently wearing Half Plate armor and wielding a great sword.

Back Story:

The son of Ayn Halfast and Lion Fire - Born in another realm, another dimension, another world - Unknown to Aurelius as he was cast out while he was a baby by Dark Shadow. Raised by an old veteran soldier retired and working his farm along with his wife and two daughters. Aurelius grew up working hard but happy. He then enlisted to be a Soldier, only knowing there was a greater calling always in his mind that he could no longer deny. He had to find out what…..

Aurelius Wolf, his last name not given to him by his parents, but by his comrades he fought with while enlisted as a soldier in Dramnor “The Wolf” Tarvic’s legions. Any soldier who consistently performed heroic feats earned the right to take on the surname of Wolf. Aurelius had earned this right on several occasions. While fighting the Orc hordes of Na’mkdrog that threatened the port city of Nomclay; Aurelius ran along the top of the city walls inspiring the men, giving orders and standing tall in the face of the thundering Orc Horde. Aurelius called out targets to the archers asking them to not blindly shoot into the horde but to target the commanding Orc Warlords giving orders. As the Orcs raised crude ladders to attempt to scale the city walls, Aurelius devised a plan to pour flammable oil onto the ladders igniting them and the Orcs on it ablaze. Although this strategy worked for a short while the Orcs eventually did flood onto the top of the city walls. Thanks to the delay however, the city was able to amass a large company of heavily armored knights mounted on equally armored war horses. The front gates to the city swung open and the knights rode out straight into the Orc horde. The knights cut a swathe of destruction, blood and crushing bone with their Lances as well as their charging armored steeds. Meanwhile on top of the city walls Aurelius called upon the strength of his god Krator the Unbending to guide his blade as he cut his way through the Orcs who managed to make it onto the city walls. Aurelius had never felt this divine power, his god had acknowledged him and granted Aurelius his favor. Several Orcs were quickly decapitated as Aurelius flew across the top of the city wall coming to the aid of every soldier that needed it. Once the Orc horde had scattered and fled, Aurelius tended to the wounded soldiers. One Soldier was unconscious and had already bled out. Aurelius laid a hand on the soldier’s chest and the other on his head, he then invoked the name of Krator asking for his god’s help to save this man’s life. The man’s wounds immediately healed. Although still unconscious the soldier was stable and would live.

After the battle Aurelius was given the surname Wolf and the rank of Captain. After a few more months of service and making sure that the town of Nomclay was safe, Aurelius decided to leave Dramnor’s Legion. Having discovered his new found divine strength Aurelius wanted to travel the world doing good wherever he was needed, this is what his god Krator would of wanted him to do. To protect those who could not protect themselves, to bring Law and Justice to as much of the world as he could.


I am a High Elf fighter, 5’7” sturdy build with golden blond hair and green eyes I tend to wear Heavy armor such as chain with the insignia of my former band from my soldier background. I was a member of a cavalry unit in my past, still have background issues that directs my vision of ideals are not worth killing over or going to war for. Being from a military background I value structure, and have lost many friends in my past due to it. Due to this I am slow to make new friends. Being the enemy from my past war days of lost friends, I have a hatred for Orcs, and am blind and unreasoning when they are to be dealt with. My honor is my life, I will fight to strive to help my fellow adventurers and friends.

Irvine Marcus Wolf:

I am a 5’11’’ Human Male, 195lbs, of an average mesomorph body build. I have short, rough cut dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Carrying a Greatsword and Longbow.

Short Backstory: I am a sailor who was forged in the burning fires of vengeance. I come from a peaceful fisherman’s village, stolen away with my parents to serve as slaves on board a Galley that was only one of many belonging to a Warlord named Dannarth Tolrak. I became rebellious and years later I was forced to kill my parents by the captain of the Galley. I later joined the ship as a Slaver myself. I had become the captain’s first mate and when I was 22 I killed the captain that made me kill my parents and took his place. Within the year I was boarded by good-folk, people that were from my village and my life was spared, thanks to the slaves that had been on the ship since since I myself was brought on board. I spent the next years remembering who I really was and what I had become. I honed my skills and forged myself a Greatsword and with vengeance in mind, took 3 of ships to go after the warlord behind my parents death in hopes to end him and his rule in the world. To my dismay; his army was too great and we were hopelessly outnumbered. I confronted the Warlord and he struck me down, slicing a gash across my brow vertically, barely missing my eye. When I awoke, I was the only one left alive. When I returned to the village we decided it would be safer to move away. I stayed with them and decided to be their protector. When the time was right, I told them I needed to leave to tie up loose ends and to finish what I started.

*Link to Full Backstory*


I am a Half-elf paladin. 5’11 and a built structure. Long black hair with a white streak all the way through. My natural eye color is green, but I was cursed by a “friend” and it left me with my left eye red and a mark that i am still unsure what it means. I strongly support the military and will often protect those in need of help. I was placed in the WhiteLion Cavalry section of the military. I have trust issues and am very slow as accepting people as friends. I am a devout follower of Tyr, the god of Justice, because I feel like the Curse set upon me has tipped the “scales” of my life, and I will do anything to restore them and myself back to what they once were. Tyr Is the reason that I am a paladin and i will always fight with Tyr by my side.

Zora Nightreaver:

I am a Wood-Elf Ranger. 5’3 With long dark red hair with blue eyes. I like to keep to myself, but if I have to, I will help those who need it. I have a soft heart though due to my keeping to myself. I am often looked at with scared eyes. Its hard to trust people other than myself, but I will do my best to try to trust those in my group.


Amicia Quatrenmaine:

I am a Halfelf druid. Tanned skin, 5’8”, with long black hair usually kept in a pony tail, and green eyes. I usually keep in solitude, but have recently have had a premonition of a dark figure that I must deal with before it endangers life and nature of the lands. I often get lost in my thoughts, and can often be distracted of my surroundings during these times sometimes gets myself in trouble. Even though I’ve been in solitude most of my teens up to currently, I value my friends and tend to watch over them as if they were newborn pups.

Rela Darksong:

I am a Halfling Bard. I have fair & light skin with long brown hair kept either in a bun or in pigtails, with hazel eyes. Being a Entertainer by trade I can use my skills to keep people from being angry at me or around me for very long, since I can defuse any amount of tension. Free floating, I change my mind as quickly as I change a key in a song. I never go anywhere without my father’s Lute as it was given to me by him when I was a child and I treasure it over everything else I own.

Lost Mines of Phandelver