A New Hole

Alissa, Renal and Magdu dead were joined by newly arrived Marvy Krapps. They hired Obler^, the barely known, and the fearless lionmen Goldmane, Quartermane and Slits-Gazelle

^formerly part of the great adventurer army featured in deposing the Kobold King

Magdu had a coupon to redeem at the black market so he urged the party to delve into the sewers below Passionhelm. Alissa didn’t want to go at first but was overruled. They came to a blocked side passage and decided to try and excavate a way through. While they were working, a group of hooded people came along. The party didn’t bother to ask their names but they readily agreed to lead the party to the black market.

It took even longer than expected and the journey went even deeper than the sewers. When their leader sent his assistant to /“make an appointment”/ they revealed themselves as Asno cultists! Magdu dead was caught behind enemy lines and tried to weasel his way out of this one, but he couldn’t. They mangled him badly, his swordarm pulped and his ribs broken only the Adrenalin the blood of Arkath allowed him to remain standing.

Dlurbis, the kobold, had been hiding inside of Obler’s backpack and sprung into action. He was the one that felled their leader with a single dart!

After a long and bloody battle with the unrelenting fanatics in which all three lionmen fell (Slits-Gazelle was even slain by the resident Asno priest, a smouldering, festering hole where his chest should be) the party searched the temple complex. It was quite small but they were able to rescue the human Akest from captivity abd soon they found the hidden treasury with bags full of gold and they destroyed the Statue of Asno which had black opals for eyes. The three eyed armadillo fiend did not retaliate. For now.

The Hole

Below the statue a trapdoor laid inviting. The survivors agreed to go down. 20 meters down they came into a room with burial alcoves and after they visited a hall of graves they had enough of this. Unfortunately they had already thrown their loot, heavy bags laden with gold, down the trapdoor and had to make an effort bringing it all up again. Obler and Renal stayed behind while the rest went to pull the sacks up with ropes.

While they were working a terrible creature beset them. Jaromir^, the wraith, must have sensed his former comrade Alissa and moved in to attack Obler and Renal. They quickly fled up the ladder. Alissa handed her spare magic sword to Marvy Krapps just in case. But the plan was to run away. Jaromir followed the two and a brief combat ensued. Obler was hit with the dreaded Energy Drain and lost his strenght.

^see: Haunted tunnels for how he became like this

As they ran away they managed to lose Jaromir in the sewers but at a terrible price: they were now lost in the dungeon If only they had some Guidance!

Being bold they just marched on into one direction until they came to the main drainage canal again. On the way out they met the lone tatooed fighter Akul Skunkglow, who had just dispatched a number of wierd bug creatures. He had no idea where he was either, so the two parties decided to wander together. On their way they passed up several newly discovered passages, like one that was labeled sewer saloon, in favor of getting out.

To their dismay, they only salvaged 3 out of the 10 Gold bags from the Asno Temple! The rest remained in the dark, spooky place.

Dare they return?

Akest’s tale

elf ambush, wierd cave creatures, deal refused,

Obler’s fate

To save the drained Obler, Renal took over the Elrath convent, teamed up with the Ylath convent, threatened to whip his subordinates for “not praying hard enough”, exhausted the two temples’ supply of holy water to delay the transformation