A sponge of Ice. And Fire

written by Joyeux Noel

After many weeks of absence, the Go Bold Rangers Dlurbis, Klin, and [[Gernok?]] return to the group, their absence explained by the massive reconstruction of the Kobold Clubhouse and subsequent furnishing of said clubhouse. They join our ‘heros’, The Elrath Priest and party leader Renal and his faithful donkey Orlando and Karl the fighter who brought a whole posse of people. Dubmith, the windsword, Meyi, the elf and Lucy, of clan Bluequarry. Norstrand, the goblin, was also there.

The party made their way to the dungeon once more, traversing many familiar paths unopposed for once until they reach the lair of the Dank Elves, whereupon Dlurbis accepts the offer from the High Priestess Awiri Beachweaver to become a follower of Sylanna. A short, uneventful trek later, they reach the halls of the dwarf ghost man they promised to get stuff fo, picking up their injured companions; Melbil, the veteran and [[Norgoth?]].

From there the gang manages to jury rig a grappling hook, making their way to a bridge where they are followed by a creepy crawler just out of sight. Making their way across, they come to a room with a throne, a moat, and a fancy door. Stealing the fancy door and any valuables they can carve out of the throne like any proper group of murderhobo’s Adventurers, they leave the watery room. They then come across a mouth in the wall, and managing to answer its riddle, they recieve an amazing treasure. A dried up sponge of no real importance. Dlurbis, seeing that it was once alive and being of an extremely curious nature, wishes to bring the sponge to the throne room to wet it, a notion scoffed at by the party. After deciding to risk it, Dlurbis split the group. The Go Bold rangers were accompanied however by the Goblin: Norstrand and surprisingly made it there and back without incident. The sponge turned out to be nothing more than a worthless completely ordinary sponge however, or so the party believes. In reality, when soaked and squeezed, any droplet of water it produces leaves gold coins behind. Dlurbis, acting in his own interests and tired of the constant bigotry of Renal and the other humans, decided to keep this a secret. The Goblin therefore became an unofficial official member of the Go Bold Rangers.

Afterwards the group met a very odd Ice Etheral; Frigidus who wished to gamble souls for favors in a game of dice. The party gave him a collective middle icicle and headed back across the bridge, this time jury rigging a sort of long range flashlight to reveal and corner the weird wiggler, who was revealed to be an unusually skinny dwarf, who claimed he was not the Dwarven theif they had looked for but rather a simple follower of one he called *’The Sleeper’*. Binding the fugitive with some rat nets, they attempted to subdue him to learn more, but unfortunately he cast sleep, crippling the party and making a hasty retreat, though not without first swearing to tell his mother] the Sleeper. After another uneventful trek, the party met some Lizard men, and managed to peacefully befriend them, trading food and baubles for a tattered blanket. As the party made their way out of the dungeon, the Lizardmen followed behind, escaping into the wild jungles… Only time will tell how much damage they may potentially do. From there Renal and his donkey left, likely to sell the door, and Dlurbis and his Bolds entered their clubhouse, squeezing the sponge to a massive amount of treasure, filling the vault and locking the sponge up.

The group decided there was more to be done that day and headed back down, though they only found an empty trapped room and a *HORDE OF UNDEAD KOBOLDS OH SH*- Destroying the Skelebolds they recieved.. Nothing, the dead carry no cash. They then ran into a group of Goblins and (Dlurbis kind of zoned out sorry). Deciding it was enough for today, the group once more set to leave the dungeon, where they were set upon by wolves. Tired, they ran as heroically as possible, splitting up briefly and leading the wolves on a merry chase before finally losing them and reaching the sweet sweet freedom of the exit.

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