Age of Myth

The Age of Myth was a time when ancient powers still held sway.

It followed the Time before Time and was followed by the Age of Legends

The age of Myth lasted from 1 to 130, when the Goblin king Zasit Reasonpaint the lucky leader of the dwarven Kingdom of Kinmelbil was murdered on the order of unknown forces and the Great civil war of Kinmelbil followed.

Zasit ruled from 47 to his death in 130 He was one of the first of his kind. Sometime before he began wandering the wilds and became a powerful adventurer and leader of men. He seized Power afer he deposed the necromancer King Rigoth Nametrades the sinister whisper and installed himself as king.

Zasit’s rule was benevolent although many disagreed with him. He allowed those to go in peace and found their own domains and the quarellers did so. A particularly large group of isolationists headed south towards the Smooth Points of Pride led by the Runemistress Urist Flamebelcher the impervious gold.

The humans of Mistrumomon Ibid were waging a war of conquest against the Confederacy of [[Boldolnilun?]] the cyclopean council. Asno was consolidating his power and started the war against Malassa and her followers that still lasts today.

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