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Alnos .... , the eternal sea

Death, rebirth, manipulation

Khergan Gangfleeced the Terrible Scourge was a human necromancer that ascended to godhood in a time before time.

He is revered by the necromancers of Deyja, many of whom are Clerics in his service.

Deadly and dead, but fabelous

Paladin: The Death Knight

Death Knight

Score Final Journey
0Can command undead if their master lets the Death Knight (HD limit still applies). Ownership transfers are possible with the Death Knights favor of Alnos acting as their cleric level for determining control ability.
2Can seek out a personal Skeletal Steed, it will be guarded by the foes of Alnos
4Bone shield once per adventure (as per Necromancer spell)
6Deathcoil: Ranged spell, heals an undead, Necromancer or DK for 10 hit points or deals 5 damage to living creature and causes fear
7Fear Aura Anyone looking at the Death Knight must save vs. Paralysis or be frozen in fear (until attacked or 2 rounds have passed)
8Dark Pact: Ranged Spell, drains the lifeforce out of an undead minion of yours. Its remaining HP are added to yours with HP exceeding your maximum becoming temporary HP. You cannot have more than 10 temporary HP using this ability.

Cleric: The Necromancer

A Necromancer is either a priest of Alnos or a magic-user who specializes in spells concerning death, rebirth and manipulation

LevelTitleExperienceHit DiceCommunion
Level 1Acolyte01d69
Level 2Adept1’5652d610
Level 3Priest/Priestess3’1253d611
Level 4Prist/Priestess6’2514d611
Level 5Curate12’5015d612
Level 6Elder25’0016d612
Level 7Elder50’0017d612
Level 8Patriarch/Matriarch100’0018d612
Level 9Patriarch/Matriarch200’0019d612
Level 10Patriarch/Matriarch300’0019d6+112
Level 11Patriarch/Matriarch400’0019d6+212
Level 12Patriarch/Matriarch500’0019d6+312
Level 13Patriarch/Matriarch600’0019d6+412

3rd Level Clerics can lead a temple

5th Level Clerics can lead a great temple

6th Level Clerics may be invited to join the Elder council (if it exists, if not, they can found it)

8th Level Clerics qualify for religious head and can vote in religious head elections. They also add the commune spell to their spell list. The Religious head of Alnos is the Speaker

Cleric To Hit

to Hit AC0123456789
Level 1-319181716151413121110
Level 4-51817161514131211109
Level 6-8171615141312111098
Level 9-1016151413121110987
Level 111514131211109876
Level 12141312111098765
Level 1313121110987654

Spell Progression

Level1st circle2nd circle3rd circle4th circle5th circle6th Circle

The embrace of death

“I have seen the place where souls go to die. They suffered because they did not want to be destroyed. But in the end they weren’t. They came to the eternal sea. I followed them into the clear sea and I did almost not return. I experienced unheard of bliss and only my will to let everyone experience this made me leave that place. All must join me to my journey there.”

Khergan Gangfleeced the Terrible Scourge later known as Alnos

Spell LevelSpell NameTraditional Name
1Create Servantanimate dead (1HD/level)
1Shroud of the AfterlifeDarkness (reversible)
1Awe of AlnosFear
2Bone Shieldspecial (see below)
2DoomspeakBless (see below)
2Subdue the livingsleep (as MU spell)
2Decay Stasisreversible, special (see below)
2Necromancer’s GuileCharm Person
3Purge the livingDisease
3Curse of AlnosCurse
3Show hiddenInvisibility Purge (10m radius)
4Stop the LivingHold Monster
4Recall the SoulRaise dead (as abomination)
4Mark for Deathreversed Death Ward
5Greater Servantcreate flesh golem
5Assume ControlControl undead
6Death Ripplenew spell

Bone Shield: makes the Necromancer or a Death Knight reistant to normal damage (needs bones)

Doomspeak: Undead are blessed with +1 to hit, +1 to damage, living enemies are hindered with -1 to hit and -1 to damage (minimum damage: 1)

Decay Stasis: You stop the decay of a corpse permanently. (reversed: Instantly decays a corpse to the bones)

Death Ripple: Instantly emenate a wave of life snuffing magic in front of you, dealing 3d8 damage to any living creature. The wave has a diameter of 50 meters, reaches 20 meters high and only ‘ebbs’ after 500 meters. Death Knights are immune to the effect.