by Zehir Weaverwands of the Silver Cities

The work is a 15 page codex that concerns the popular tavern game Arcomage. The prose is amateurish at best.

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Trial of Towers

During a time long past, a traveler settled among the people of Shrikar. The traveler’s knowledge, skills and power led them to believe that he was the chosen Emissary of the god Ceth. As time passed, the traveler taught the people of Shrikar how to Weave, or shape the natural energy flows of their planet. The Emissary also taught the basic skills of architecture and of controlling creatures of the land, improving the way life for the people of Shrikar. An age of prosperity and enlightenment began and the people lived better than ever before.

As the people of Shrikar continued to advance in their skill and knowledge of Weaving, the Emissary left to continue his journey once more. To honor him and his teachings, the people created the Arcomage Guild; a school dedicated to the knowledge that the Emissary brought to Shrikar. Graduation from this Guild bestowed the title of Arcomage upon the worthy student, one who understood and excelled in the ways of Weaving, of Control and of Building. The Golden Age of Shrikar had reached its pinnacle. One hundred years after the departure of the Emissary, the first Arcomage War struck the people of Shrikar. The Arcomage Crowhain assaulted the citadel of the Arcomage Ralbeard. The surrounding countryside was laid to waste. Years after the war started, Ralbeard completely destroyed the citadel of his enemy. The scars upon the world of Shrikar were slow to heal. Over the next five hundred years the people of Shrikar would experience the wars of Arcomages hundreds of times, as mages strove to increase their power and reputations.

You have been challenged, Arcomage! The enemy is at the gates and it is now time to put your skills and tactics to the test. Gather your resources, summon your armies and join the battle!

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A description of the order of play and the various mechanics follow.

Pages 3 to 15

This is a catalogue of all the games’ cards. To be legal, a deck must contain but a single copy of each card. Some examples include:

Copy the Tech





Friendly Terrain



Focused Designs

Harmonic Ore

Quarry's Help