Armok is the fiery dwarf. A glowing short sturdy humanoid composed of fiery hot material. He is the first one of his kind. He was present at the creation of the world. He is associated with passion, blood, metal and fire.

Armok’s servants are Red Dragons and Primordial dwarves (born from fire)

Dwarves are said to be descendants of Armok. Ancient engravings support this theory.

When you call for his aid, Armok might incinerate your enemies or an obstacle with a Flame Strike, invigorate your inner fire or send a Primordial Dwarf named Bloodletter, Burn or Blade (9HD, AC3, MV9, ML10, F9, 2d6+2d8 fire, Heat Aura) to help you in a battle.

Paladin: The Berserker


Score Final Journey
0You can communicate with Red Dragons, Firemen, Fire Imps and dwarves, you can also rudimentary understand Fire Giants
2to be determined
4to be determined
6to be determined
7to be determined
8to be determined

Cleric: The Firecaller

Specializes in Blood, Metal and Fire

Armor: Any, Weapons: Battleaxe, Handaxe, Crossbow

To-Hit: Cleric, Saves: Cleric

The Book of Flames

“All burn”

CircleSpell NameTraditional Name
1Touch of Heat1d6+1 heal or pain
1Blade FistsYour hands become blades, unable to wield objects, 2 attacks, 1d6, 1d6
1Firecall2d8 Fire damage to target, save negates
2The Riddle of Steelnew spell
2Martial Trancenew spell
2Fire-Floodnew spell
3Burning Bloodnew spell
3Fire WardImmunity to fire, lasts 1h/level
3Armok’s teardropFireball
4Molten ScourgeNew spell
4Skin of SteelStone Skin (self only)
4Conflagration20 fire damage (no save) + cause fear (save negates)
5Red Dragon StompFlame Strike
5Burning Adrenalinenew spell
6Blood Resurrectionnew spell

The Riddle of Steel: Allows the targeted weapon to overcome physical damage resistance as well as physical damage immunity. The targeted weapon must have a metal tip or be entirely made out of metal.

Martial Trance: All creatures affected gain +1 to hit, +2 to damage and 3 hit points. After 10 of activity they will be fatigued and take -2 to hit and -2 to damage (minimum 1) until they rest for 10 minutes. (10 minutes duration). Spell affects the entire party.

Fire Flood: The Spell causes a concentric wave of flames to erupt from where the caster is standing. The wave is 3 meters high and travels for 3 meters, effectively burning everyone standing around the caster. Everyone so burned takes 1d8 fire damage. The damage increases to 2d8 at 5th level and 3d8 at 10th level.

Burning Blood: Touch. Save negates. The blood of the affected creature begins to heat up, slowly reaching the boiling point. Each round, the creature takes 1d4 fire damage. When the creature reaches 5 or lower Hit points, the boiling point is reached. If a save vs. death is failed, the creature succumbs to the spell and dies. A successful saving throw paralyzes the creature for 1d4 rounds. The spell lasts 1 round per level.

Molten Scourge: Transforms any piece of metal into a molten scourge, which can be used as a weapon from the second rank. Priests of Armok and Berserkers can wield this scourge with ease. Anyone else takes 4 fire damage every round as long as they wield it. The scourge grants an attack bonus of +2 and deals an additional 1d8 of fire damage. The scourge persists for 1 turn per level.

Burning Adrenaline: Target creature can resist and save vs. spell. A failed save indicates that the target is affected. Affected creatures gain advantage on attacks, deal double damage, gains an extra attack with it’s strongest weapon, move at triple speed, become immune to: Fire damage, paralysis, fear, stun, and immediately shrug off all stun, paralysis and fear effects and regain conciousness if unconcious (unconcious targets are not entitled to a saving throw). At the end of the 3rd round, the affected creature perishes in a violent explosion with a 10m diameter (6d8 damage, save for half).

Blood Resurrection: A target corpse is restored and its soul returned, effectively bringing a dead person back to life! The Firecaller must sacrifice any number of his Constitution ability score, which cannot be regenerated or healed from then on. The target character returns to life with as many constitution points as the Firecaller sacrificed. Keep in mind that you need at least 3 constitution to not be severely impaired. This creates a Blood Bond between the caster and the subject and when one dies (again) the other does too. A being can have multiple blood bonds possibly causing chain reactions.

Spell Progression

Level1st circle2nd circle3rd circle4th circle5th circle6th Circle