True artifacts:

Paintedcaves, weapon (mace), location: Renal’s inventory, special abilities: intelligent, communicates with wielder, can find engravings

Shortsword of exploding awesomeness, weapon (shortsword), Location: Alissa’s inventory, special abilities: +1 to damage on first hit, +2 to damage on second hit and 1 explosion damage taken by wielder, further hits: ???

Unknown Axe: not identified

Distinction from Masterworks

The Price for a masterwork item is (normal price) x 12. Masterwork weapons are +1 to hit and +1 to damage. Masterwork armor incurs an aditional bonus of -1 to your Armor Class. Masterwork weapons deal non-magical damage.

A True Artifact on the other hand is priceless. Finding a buyer for an item like this would be a quest in and of itself. Artifacts are entitled to a saving throw to avoid destruction (from any source). Artifact Weapons ignore [[Resistance_and_Immunity?]] to normal damage

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