Asno Ashgorges of the Sunken Nights.

Associated with torture, murder and treachery.

A gigantic three eyed armadillo twisted into humanoid form, it belches and croaks, his scarlet hair covers his underbelly, beware his webs! Brought from the underworld to ours by unknown forces so that the torture shall never stop.


Score Perhaps thou should seek a villain such as thyself for training

Spellbook: The treacherous path

1st level:

universal spell: Lay on Hands: Cause 1d6+1 damage of severe pain OR cause paralysis (save vs. spell at +2

Darkness: cause impenetrable magical darkness in a 5m radius

Cause Fear: As LL spell

Pass without trace: one creature touched doesn’t leave ANY tracks.

2nd level:

universal spell: Bane: enemies recieve -1 to-hit and -1 to damage for 10 minutes/level

Hold Foe: as LL spell hold person

Chameleon: 4 in 6 chance to move invisibly when moving at half your movement rate. Attacking dispells immediately.

Blood of the living god: Infuse a creature with the healing blood of Asno, it regains 13 hit points over the course of 13 turns. The target is also tainted for the duration

3rd level: