Assassins specialize in combat maneuvers as well as stealth and thievery. There is also a secret society that shelters them and provides them with assignments.

HD 1d4, To-hit: Thief, Saves: Thief, XP: MU, weapon: dagger, sword, any ranged, armor: light, Magic: none

Assassins use fighting styles passed down from generation to generation and view their craft in a most academic way. No common rogue absorbs the lessons of history, theory and artistry of killing quite like an assassin and because they do, they are well-rounded killers of great skill and knowledge.

Due to the stigma that professional killers bear, Assassins usually disguise themselves as Experts

Combat Maneuvers

You have a maximum of 2 maneuver dice (d6). You can spend maneuver dice when executing combat maneuvers as indicated by the maneuver’s description. You regain 1 maneuver die at the start of a new round.

Using a maneuver is not an action, but most maneuvers have to be used as part of an action (e.g. an attack or skill use). You can only use any maneuver once per round.

You gain an extra maximum maneuver die at 5th and 9th level.

List of Maneuvers

(roll 1d8 for a random maneuver)

  1. Deadly Strike: When you hit in melee combat, roll any number of your maneuver dice. Add the result to your damage.
  2. Brace: When you roll a saving throw, roll a maneuver die. Add the result to your saving throw.
  3. Anticipation: Before initiative is determined, roll a maneuver die. Add the result to your personal initiative (this may cause you to act seperate from your side)
  4. Blind Spot: On your turn, roll a maneuver die. If the result is 1 or 2, your turn ends where you stand and you disappear from sight and have surprise on your next turn.
  5. Distraction: When you hit an enemy, roll a maneuver die. An ally of your choice that is engaged with the enemy can make a melee attack and adds the result of your maneuver die to their to-hit roll.
  6. Preperation: As long as you have dice remaining, expend all your remaining dice. On your next turn (note: not at the start of the round like usual) you regain all your maneuver dice.
  7. Evasion: When you are attacked, roll any number of maneuver dice. Add the result to your armor class against that attack.
  8. Slippery: At any time you can roll a maneuver die. If the result is 1, 2 or 3, you ignore as many opportunity attacks as your die result (for this turn only).

Stealth & Thievery

Secret Society

All Assassins belong to this society. Hideouts are available in any large town and can be found by any Assassin. Violence is forbidden in the Hideouts.

The nominal head of the entire society is a 14th level Grandfather/Grandmother of Assassins.

Name Level

at 10th level, you attract 5d4 Assassins of the 1st level. They are fanatically loyal to you and will work for room and board only.