Back to the Borderlands

The Kobolds at the village at Torrentpass made their last stand against the attacking Frost Giants. The Party made their escape consisting of Norstrand, Mirding, Renal, Melbil, who had been licked by Torrent, the Rust Dragon, as well as [[Flavius?]], [[Yorcheskel?]] and Funifuni, the evokeress.

After an arduous 3-day journey, they reached Kobold Court. They reunited with Alissa, who had gotten to know a ‘specialist’ named Olive. Renal immediately asked “Are you an Elf?”. Olive answered with “If you want me to be an Elf, It will cost you extra”. After that, the priest was struck with silence.

With their mission (to go out and contact the dragons Allalin and Torrent) accomplished, they stood before the imperial court again. When the fate of Lord Stlakolaydis was discussed, Renal spun an eloquent tale of the Lord falling in single combat against a Giant. The Empress was enthralled with his tale. He fell from grace as quickly as he rose to it though, when even the Empress was able to call out the inconsistencies in his I-was-King-of-Deyja-once! story. The Empress promised to send troops to Passionhelm in about a month.

While purchasing supplies, Olive made a point that she should be given the ability to prove herself by managing the rations. There were some that did not agree at first, but they were swayed and Olive became the supply manager (for the trip to Lakebears at least). Unbeknownst to the others, Olive proceeded to sell the soldiers their own rations and made her case so convincingly that only a mild grumbling was the result, with the promise of getting the money back from their superiors as charges once back in Passionhelm. A few weren’t even able to pay and made some vague promises to Olive to “totally pay her back”.

On the way, a pit opened up under the supply carts and Giant Ants streamed out of the pit. They were after the supplies and defended the captured wagons, but were eventually driven back into the tunnels by the use of gunpowder. One of the cart drivers was killed in the process and a considerable amount of supplies was carried off by the ants, so there wasn’t enough to feed everyone on the last leg of the journey.


Exhausted and hungry, the party reached Lakebears where the populace was about to call the Town watch and the Deathpriestess on them, for they were mistaken for ravenously hungry undead Ghouls at first. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, the Mayor Nifih Joyousblades invited them to dinner at her tower. Flavius was anxious to know wether his wife Nifih was with child, but she wasn’t. The soldiers were treated to a watered down ale by Olive and after the regular ale they had before, which was sponsored by Alissa, they barely noticed the water. Alissa reunited with her retainer Thora, the magic-user.

Rumors reached the party’s ears on the tavern floor that Prince Sandro of Deyja had launched a punitive mission against the Wild Elf raiders at Oakensilky, a forest retreat. Nifih confirmed the rumour, she had even recieved a message from the Prince informing her of this campaign. After a long discussion about the course of action, Renal, who wanted to see the elves destroyed, conceded to Flavius and the party decided to at least take a look at this campaign.

They went southeast towards Massivemaligned, where Prince Sandro has established the Exclave of Deyja in the borderlands*. After just one and a half days of travel, they came upon a camp of deyjan soldiers. The sentries stopped them and called for their leader. Olive was curious about a Skeletal Servant and tried to shake its hand, but the servant clawed at her in return! While the sentries urgently called for their Deathpriest leader, Thora diffused the situation by using a Web spell on the servant who was promptly immobilized. When the Deathpriest, who introduced himself as Straightedge, a trusted advisor to Prince Sandro, arrived, he was annoyed at this disturbance and the enwebbing of his servant. He was even more annoyed when Olive demanded compensation and instead demanded compensation from Olive! Renal distracted him by speaking up and provoking the Deathpriest to a religious debate. Of course the two were at odds

All the while Flavius was trying to gather information. He eventually managed to do just this over the skirmish of words between Renal and Straightedge. The Deyjans were here to either drive off or kill the elves of Oakensilky many had already laid down their arms, but a group of Homelanders still held sway. About 100 Deyjan troops were tasked with attacking Oakensilky and rooting out the resistance. There were no plans of claiming the overgrown, dense Rainforest. On Flavius’ initiative, Straightedge agreed to let the Passionhelm forces participate by conducting a diversionary attack under the condition that Renal must not participate. “If I meet that worshipper of a yellow painted lizard near Oakensilky, don't expect any mercy. For none of you.” were his words.

In the end, Olive and Straitedge settled the compensation dispute with the Deathpriest showing off his power over life and death and he infused the specialist with new lifeforce.

Scouring the Rainforest

On the way back, still debating wether to actually participate in the attack or to investigate the rumour of the large horned creature southeast of Lakebears, the party was attacked in the night by Beastmen Their vanguard consisted of Wolverine Men led by a Grizzly Bear Man war-leader. They also had an Owl Wizard backing them up and he promptly laid his magical slumber spell over the party. Thora countered with her own sleep spells. Norstrand used his draining sword to full effect and first killed a Wolverine and after that he drained the war-leader. He was infused with their life force in the process. The Owl died in a hail of arrows and the remaining Wolverine Men turned to run. The party didn’t give chase and hurried to Norgot’s gravesite. Norstrand had a feeling that this horned creature might be Norgot or at least another Minotaur.

And indeed it was so. After days of searching a Minotaur pounced on Norstrand, but he was put to sleep by Thora before he could do any harm. He was captured and Norstrand recognized his lost friend Norgot in him. He then conviced Norgot to rejoin his company, by sweetening the deal with 50 gold pieces.

Back in Lakebears, Nifih and Flavius realized that the attack on Oakensilky had probably happened in the meantime and that the Deyjan commander Straightedge

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