Bad time for Dinnertime

Girlclocks ho! The confines of the dungeon weren’t strong enough to keep the party occupied forever. Gus Rais needed “workers”, Eloise wanted to get rid of her ghostly shackles, Alissa wanted to pursue business opportunities in Girlclocks. Two newcomers joined the party: Dlurbis the Kobold was in for the thrill and Magdu dead just tagged along, hoping to pocket some treasure.

The route led them through the mountains since the thick jungle to the south was said to be infested by bandits of the Birds of Freedom.

On their way to Girlclocks, a hamlet to the southeast of Passionhelm, the party encountered the Mong-Ols, an adventuring party hailing from Mong Ol, a realm to the south. They joined the party around their fire. Magdu was converted on the spot to the dragon cult of Arkath by Urir, their cleric. Evala refused to deal with old Gus and was generally looking down on them. Shidu, the lizardman, told the party many things about the conflict between the Lizard Creeds. The two creeds are the savage Man-Eaters from Fangrulers and the isolationist Keepers from Tonguehailed. Shidu himself was one of the Keepers and he warned the party that Girlclocks lay in the territory of the Man-Eaters. In the morning they parted ways, the party headed on to Girlclocks, while the Mong-Ols headed towards Passionhelm.


Arriving in the village, the Party first hit the tavern despite Eloise, who urged everyone to head directly for the Temple of Ylath. Dlurbis showed off his inhuman moves on the dancefloor and many onlookers were impressed by the performance. Alissa met Zom the goblin, who offered her and her “backup” a job. Alissa decided to wait before accepting. After a run-in with Sheriff Someg, the local Ylath priest, Chespi, welcomed Eloise, who was known to him because of her donations she had made to the church. He knew just the remedy against her curse and led them to the Ylath Monastery further up in the mountains. In the cave of Ylath's breath they were almost attacked by the guards, two dual-wielding warrior monks. Alissa prayed under the influence of what was believed by the monks to be the breath of a sleeping White Dragon, deep below the mountains. Nevertheless the curse was blown away and Eloise was free. In the monastery proper, Gus tried to headhunt the local Alchemist. She wasn’t too thrilled to leave her safe mountain refuge and demanded a doubled salary and more competent assistants if she was to work in Passionhelm (known Shithole). Gus refused her demands and he left the monastery again.

They returned to the village in the evening after Chespi told Dlurbis the story of how Girlclocks got it’s name and made merry in the Inn. Gus fast-talked the Innkeeper who slipped up and revealed something he wasn’t supposed to. The ruined temple of the village was declared off limits by Mayor Asa Soaplunge, since the Elrath Priest “broke the law” by defying the raiders and a fire destroyed his church. Curious they went to investigate in the still young night.

Investigating the Temple

On the way to the ruins, Magdu noticed three guardsmen shadowing the party. They were confronted and immediately tried to play it off as a nighttime patrol under the moonlight. Dlurbis hid beforehand and Magdu dead slipped away into the dark, fooling the watchdogs. Two guards stalled the party for time, while a third one went to the Meadhall (administration building/barracks) and alarmed Sheriff Someg who marched towards the party with 22 guards in tow. Magdu was shadowing the lone guard and saw the whole thing. He made off to warn the party but was spotted. 4 chasers went after him but he was able to lose them after dropping his backpack.

He warned the party of the incoming law enforcers and they decided to press information out guards that remained with them. They made vague comments about the party being “lawbreakers” and slowly walked away backwards to get backup. Not wanting to get into even more trouble the party simply awaited the Sheriff’s arrival. He of course apologized for the misunderstanding that the inexperienced guards caused and escorted the party back to the tavern, but not before Magdu dead made off again, unnoticed of course. The ones not currently off in the wilderness decided to get some rest, only Gus stayed up rather being tired in the morning than to wake up in handcuffs. Again.

Dlurbis watched the whole thing, hiding in the dark shadows of the moonlit night. He decided to check out the ruined Temple. It was quite underwhelming, only a faint glow was worthy of note there and the cautious Kobold didn’t approach. Afterwards he decided to head to the inn, only to find his way blocked by a perimeter of Guards surrounding the inn. He didn’t want to take any chances and remained in hiding. Magdu retrieved his gear and headed to the inn as well.

inn-to the maws of the beasts

Magdu dead noticed them first: In the course of the night fourteen figures approached the inn, unchallenged by the guards. Gus Rais who was spying with the skull of seeing he liberated from the necromancers saw them too and identified them: It was Lizardmen. Magdu threw a stone onto the roof of the inn, waking Alissa, Kamca, Thora, Rolf and Eloise. Gus urged them to get battle ready and Alissa led the charge down the stairs.

The battle was quick and luckily the other guests and the innkeeper must have vacated the premises some time earlier: The lizardmen acted fast and tried to grab Rolf, but he resisted bravely. With the guards now being absent for some reason, Dlurbis and Magdu rushed to the inn to aid their comrades. Magdu tried to flank them, but he failed to kill the Lizardman and was now caught right in the middle of a dozen grumpy reptile warriors. Gus and Thora defused the situation with their sleep spells and only 2 were left standing after their barrage. They tried to run but a sling bullet crushed one’s skull and the other was cornered and slain by Magdu after a brief chase.

The seemingly leader like lizard was bound and his subordinates swiftly killed. In his final moments, the beastman told the party they had been “marked” as prey on request and the lizards had come to get their food. While ransacking the innkeepers room, Someg, the Sheriff came to the inn. He acted perplexed by the sudden Lizardman incursion, but the adventurers immediately saw through his act. Someg dropped said act and his guys moved in to arrest the party. Gus put half of them, including the sheriff, to sleep. The remaining deputies tried to carry them away, but fled under the relentless attacks of the party. As he was dropped by his subordinates on their retreat Someg woke up to Dlurbis holding a sword to his throat.

Uncertain future ahead

Bound and with a sword over his head, the sheriff spilled the beans to the party. He confirmed their suspicions (that especially Alissa had since the innkeepers slip-up) that in exchange for not being destroyed by the Man-Eaters, the local authorities acted as accomplices in the abducting and subsequent eating of travellers passing through Girlclocks. After the party made clear that they were the best chance this town ever had of shaking off the Lizardmen’s yoke and after they threatened to leave the town to deal with the ramifications of that night’s events, he started to work with the Adventurers. He was just following orders and didn’t want his hometown to be destroyed after all. He pointed the Mayor, Asa Soaplunge as the true mastermind behind all this. She was adamant about the deal with the Man-Eaters being the only chance for continued survival and ordered the Elrath priest thrown into the botomless swamp because he wanted to put a stop to the killings.

Someg speculated that the Man-Eaters were going to send a search party to the village the next night of about 30 individuals to search for the missing hunting party. At this hour the Mayor was probably sitting in the fortified meadhall surrounded by her most loyal guards, awaiting the lizards’ arrival. He suggested to take out either force before they could unite. He also implied that the number of people in favour of standing up to the Lizards and the Mayor wasn’t quite unremarkable. The priorities were clear.