You play musical instruments with magical effects. You can play your instruments with miraculous effect as long as you don’t hit a wrong note.

  1. level 0 XP (Virtuose)
  2. level 2’001 XP
  3. level 4’001 XP (Sonetteer)
  4. level 8’001 XP
  5. level 16’001 XP (Troubadour)
  6. Level 32’001 XP
  7. level 64’001 XP (Star)
  8. level 120’000 XP
  9. level 240’000 XP (Superstar)

every level thereafter: +120’000 XP

Save as: Thief; To-Hit as: Thief; XP 2'000; Leather armor; Dagger, Sticks, Crossbow; d4 Hit-die

Playing an instrument is called performance


You have a music score. You have a +1 to your score when you perform in a tavern or tavern-like locale.

Level 1: 11 Music

Level 3: 12 Music

Level 5: 13 Music

Level 7: 14 Music

Level 9: 15 Music

Each time you begin performing with one of your instruments, you roll a d20. If you roll under your music score, the Music is magical and the spell-like effect goes off after the performance ends. If the result matches the score or is above the score, you hit a wrong note and the result is just mediocre music. On a 20, the effect goes haywire and picks a random target (if applicable).

You are limited to 3 performances per turn (10 minutes/one combat). If you take a wound (i.e. fall to 0 HP), you must save vs death. On a success, you can continue. On a fail, your performance is interrupted and the magic is lost. You can end a performance at any time. The wound is taken in any case.

After you hit a wrong note while playing an instrument, you must get in tune with your instrument again. (see below)


To work your magic, you must first get in tune with an instrument which takes 30 minutes of playing it. Immediately after you got in tune with an instrument, you must choose the effect it’s going to have. You can be in tune with as many different instruments as your bard level (e.g. a Bard of the fourth level can be in tune with 4 different instruments). Once you are in tune with an instrument, you can perform with any instrument of that type.

Your singing voice cannot be used in place of an instrument.


Talk to your GM about creating effects yourself, for inspiration you can choose magic-user spells of the 1st through 3rd level, curtail the power and add a length between 1 and 3. Example:

Forever sleeps (MU’s sleep spell): 2d4 HD of enemies magically fall asleep, the sleep lasts for 10 minutes, if not interrupted (violent shaking is enough). Length: 2 rounds

From Hell's heart, I stab at thee (Striking): The target’s next melee attack is a guaranteed hit Length: 1

Hurry Hurry Hurry! (MU’s haste spell): 1d4 targets are hasted for the duration of the performance Length: 3

Give your performances original names.

More powerful effects must be learned from a master bard

List of the musical instruments of the Ageless Universe

To come. Or think up your own!