Beastpeople make up the “savage” peoples. They stand in contrast to the civilized peoples such as Humans. They live in clans usually seperated by species. Clans are either nomadic or settled (but agrarian)

You cannot choose a class as a beastman. The ways of the civilized folk are too alien to you. Instead all beastpeople play like a race-as-class.

Experience: All beastpeople advance as fighters in terms of Experience Points required.

Trade talk: Passed down by Elrath as a gift, this language is universally understood by any kind of beastperson. All beastpeople can speak and understand it.

Shamans of Elrath: the spiritual leaders of clans. Shamans have a responsibility to their clan and have no reason to adventure or even leave their home clan.

Badger (nomads)

The angry savage

Prone to rage, badger society is a rough and belligerent place. Your upbringing was marked by brawling and roughhousing doubling your *unarmed damage$3 and allowing you to ignore the first punch thrown at you every round.

You can become enraged. This happens either at will or because of other circumstances. While enraged, you have a +2 bonus on everything. You are enraged for 10 minute segments before calming down. When you use your last enrage for the day, you will become fatigued afterwards and take a -2 penalty to everything until you rest.

Light Armor, helmet, shield, spear, javelin, dagger, flail (nobles), biting

To-hit: fighter, Saves: fighter, size: dwarf-size, language: trade-talk, d8 hit points

Lion (nomads)

The noble savage

although adored and romanticized by civilized folk, you cannot enjoy the comforts of civilization; even if captured and forced into a cell you would rather sleep on the floor then on a cot. On the upside, you are a morally superior noble savage.

You can forage and feed a number of people per day equal to your level. You may also curse anyone who harms nature or insults your pagan religion, only one curse can be active at any time and an old curse disappears once you evoke out a new one.

At 6th level you will start attracting followers from the civilized world who wish to join you in spiritual perfection as a Noble Savage.

Lionpeople are very devoted to Elrath and will stop at nothing to protect the innocent.

Light armor, helmet, shield, dagger, spear, shortsword, Greatsword (nobles), biting, scratching

To-hit: fighter, Saves: fighter, size: human-size, language: feline, d8 hit points

Horned Owl (settled)

The thinking savage

You love knowledge, but you detest writing of any kind. Instead, owlpeople memorize all knowledge of their society and pass it down orally. You have magic like a magic-user of the same level, but you do not need a spell book. Your maximum magic ability is the 6th spell level.

You can use your passed down knowledge to try for expert proficiency in a specific task (2 in 6 chance).

You can fly continuously for 1 round for every level you have, then you need to rest for 10 minutes. You must be unencumbered to fly. Of course you need appropriate space. You cannot use your hands while flying.

Owlpeople are proud analphabets and reading and writing is strictly prohibited in their lands.

No armor, staff, dagger, pecking, scratching

To-hit: Cleric, Saves: magic-user, size: dwarf-size, language: avian, d8 hit points

Spider (settled)


You are an 8 limbed, 8 eyed humanoid. The extra 2 pairs of limbs grow to your side from your hips and your sides (below the ribcage). You are hairy.

While you have many arms, they are too weak to hold 2 handed weapons effectively. You can dual wield daggers or shoot 4 darts per round.

You can spiderwalk using all of your limbs. You must have your hands free to do this. While spiderwalking, your Movement speed is increased by 50% and you can walk on any surface no matter the angle.

You have a venomous bite. Injecting it in a victim of a successful bite attack is a natural reflex and cannot be controlled. The victim must save vs. paralysis or become paralysed for 2d4 turns (20-80 minutes). You only have enough venom for 1 bite. It takes

You can spin a cocoon of spider silk around a helpless target. The silk is as strong as ordinary rope, but has greater elasticity. It is very difficult to escape from and can easily be sticked to another surface.

You can substitute your self made spider silk for a rope, but only for your personal use (too sticky for non spiders)

Spiderpeople are all accomplished Weavers and Clothiers. They have a 5 in 6 chance to complete such tasks and can identify fabrics with ease.

Light armor, shield, dagger, darts, spear, biting

To-hit: Thief, Saves: Thief, size: dwarf-size, language: skitterish, d8 hit points

Raven (Settled)

the loner savage

Ravenpeople can transform into a Murder of Crows at will. Their held equipment will fall to the ground and as many birds will form from your flesh as you have current hit points (The birds are magical, but are otherwise indistinguishable from natural crows). Each bird is controlled by the ravenman’s mind and can do anything what a Bird with such intelligence could normally do. The birds attack at To-Hit 20 and deal 1d4 damage each. The crows have an AC of 9 and 2 hit points each and save like Normal Men. Individual attacks can only target individual crows. Area effects that effect one of the crows affect all crows in the same manner no matter if they themselves were out of the area of effect at the time.

Two or more crows can perform an action to reform into the ravenman (if they sprang from the same ravenman) when they come into close proximity with eachother. Killed crows cannot be part of such a reformation. The crows that are not there to reform explode into gore and feathers. Each killed or non-reformed crow means a substraction of 1 from the ravenman’s maximum hit points.

You can fly continuously for 1 round for every level you have, then you need to rest for 10 minutes. You must be unencumbered to fly. Of course you need appropriate space. You cannot use your hands while flying.

You are deft and can pickpocket (2 in 6, improves at 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th). You can only pickpocket things that the victim is neither holding or directly looking at. In combat you can pickpocket from surprise, but you will be spotted.

Of the beastpeople, ravenmen are the least averse to civilization.

Light armor, dagger, shortsword, shortbow, crossbow, sling, pecking, scratching

To-hit: Thief, Saves: Thief, size: dwarf-size, language: avian d8 hit points

NPC/henchman species

Hyena (nomads)

The devouring savage

Hyenapeople have a great appetite and will attempt to consume all things meat (even other sentients!). They are immune to ingested poison (injected poison is still effective. They are often employed by the Goblins as mercenaries to scout and patrol the untamed wilds of the south.

Light armor, helmet, shield, halberd, morningstar, biting

To-hit: fighter, Saves: fighter, size: human-size, language: canine,

Typical Stats: 2HD, AC5, MV9, F2,

Lynx (settled)

the sneaky savage

Lynxpeople live in the Depths of the World, the vast underground. They are often employed by the Deep Dwellers (a seclusive sect of Elves and Goblins) as Assassins and scouts.