The land of the Beastmen. It consists mostly of grassy plains. It is surrounded by the Treasure Realm (the duchies of the Fish and Wolf) to the south, the Borderlands, also on the south, Kinmelbil on the north, Lirathiti in the northeast. The Smooth Points of Pride and the Jade Ocean are in the East and West respectively.

Clans, Tribes, Hordes

Society is organised in 3 essential forms.

A Clan is a group of roughly 1000 individuals living an agrarian or nomadic lifestyle (depending on the type of beastman). These groups are usually pure and uniform, consisting of a single type of Beastman.

Multiple clans make up a Tribe. The clans of a tribe share the same myths and most customs. If a clan is under attack by outsiders, it can count on help from

Hordes are roaming bands of Beastmen under the command of a single Warlord who rules by strength of arms. These groups are mixed.



(Grizzly, Midnight, Solid Gold, Snow)

This tribe has survived through strength of arms. The majority of any one clan hibernate, except a few devoted warriors. The Snow clan does not hibernate at all. Instead they provide the other clans with warriors during these times. They are avid herdsmen. They have the strongest warriors and are brave so few go to war with them for these reasons.


(Lake, Black Raven, Blue Jay, Horned Owl)

The Lake clan are the weakest flyers but also the most industrious, which is why they are especially frequently raided. This tribe, thanks to the Horned Owls, has the most extensive oral traditions. They even have an extensive knowledge of other tribes’ and clans’ history and culture. Most are too ashamed to admit, but whenever they forget something chances are good that a clan in the Wing tribe remembers and petitioners bring lavish gifts, hoping in exchange for a gift of knowledge.


(Fox, Lion, Ant, Mantis)

This tribe has formed more out of neccessity and the Fox clan’s diplomatic ability than any connection among the members. The Mantis warriors are even above most bear warriors, sought after mercenaries, but they are ultimately few. The Lions are honorable, so they are often called to arbiter disputes. Foxes are wily traders and will more often than not outperform you on market day.