Breaking the Bank in Massivemaligned

Melka [[Sayema?]]

Schlomo Dubmith Yamin [[Emelie?]]

Anise [[Keira?]]





The Bank’s guards would have to be dealt with. Emelie seduced the mercenary and lured him outside the gates. She murdered him while they were disrobing. Thankfully nobody spotted the scene that was lit by a torch the rogue forgot to put out.

Flavius was busy securing the gate. He easily won over the Corporal of the Watch by being such an accomplished hero. He got the Corporal to leave the gate open until midnight just so he might get a chance to meet Dame Alissa of Passionhelm (who was rumored to conduct some sort of Black Ops in the Borderlands together with Flavius).

[[Sayema?]] was to distract guards with her newly learned Charm Person spell. She charmed the guard overlooking the courtyard, climbed up to him on the tower and started flirting, all the while distracting him and careful not to wake up the Captain of the Guard who was sleepin in that very tower.

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