Brigand Incursion

20 Brigands (F1) and their leader Carmela (F2) at Chimera's End, a tavern in the wilderness.

Skri, the spider, the local inkeeper, struck a deal with the party to remove the Brigands from the premises “in whatever fashion”.

Thora lured one of them into the jungle for some “privacy” but changed her mind, clubbing him over the head instead. Their leader was suspicious and insulted the magic-user who retaliated with her most powerful spell: Sleep. Almost brought down by the mob, the crowd control measures brought them down in the end.

Captives, first coerced with torture (administered by Ghenk) and then compelled with magic, told of Lord Simed, a bandit warlord, his 70 or so men and his advisor, the magic-user Ontha. He plans to take over [[Bornlance?]], a fortress in the mountains.

Local authorities, namely Sir Ozo Famoushugs, second in command to Count Limun Pureheart of Passionhelm, were reluctant to commit troops to take care of the problem, preferring Slim Famoushugs, Lord of Bornlance, to take care of the problem himself.

Klin was also there!

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