Bring light into darkness

Party, assemble! Renal, Alissa, Magdu dead and Gus Rais heeded the call. Dlurbis emerged from the shadows again and Skraggir, the smuggler turned adventurer joined the party in hopes of meeting new people to further his business interests. Kamca, [[Thora], Hunter, Gipest and Ecen came along too. The large party was headed for a massive confrontation. Hunter’s huge wedding celebration had to be cut short unfortunately. But he was determined to return alive to his wife.

Count Pureheart was convinced to send his mounted knights to Girlclocks to deal with the Lizard-menace and maybe even establish lordship over town. On the road, the wolves showed up again but while they were more in number than last time, they didn’t attack the war party.

The first battle of Girlclocks

The two forces met at Girlclocks with the creek to the south and a woods to the north.

Attackers: Man Eater Lizards, strength: 100 Lizardmen

Defenders: Greater Passionhelm-area peacekeepers, strength: 50 Knights, 50 Warrior Monks, 50 Militia

The Attackers recklessly tried to charge the Defenders, but they were ready. The Knights’ charge hit the beasts and utterly destroyed their formation and organisation. The remaining humans joined their Cavalry in killing the Lizardmen and no survivors returned to Fangrulers. EZ.

Temple of Asno

After the battle, the party scouted the former lizard lair near Girlclocks only to find it deserted. During the celebration Kamca slighted Hunter’s honor and Renal stepped in and challenged Kamca to a fistfight. Kamca whoopped the cleric’s ass, but the honor wasn’t besmirched.

Zom was still in Girlclocks and offered the party a job. Retrieving the Ring of Invisible force was on the order. Some bad guys had holed up in a cave and Zom wanted to bring the ring to a Wizard to the south. In exchange for the location and all other treasure except the ring, the Goblin led the party to the lair. He had previously infiltrated the place and surprised the guards, but a tough Villain survived the first onslaught and raised the alarm.

In the Altar Room the party faced off against the Priest of Asno and another Villain. Their followers were many and cunning, but the adventurers faced them nonetheless. The leaders held back and baned the party, but Renal faithfully dispelled both spells. As their followers were falling one by one, they entered the fray themselves. The Villain was tough and the priest managed to slay Gipest with his miracles! He also almost slayed with the same trick [[Icen?]], but she survived. They were taken down and the secret reliquary was found.

Zom anxiously went in first, only to be attacked by a vicious demonic Centipede Fiend. The skeleton couldn’t hurt him, but the centipede appendages poisoned the goblin. Flaming Oil solved that problem. Some humored the thought to betray the debilitated goblin and to leave him here to die. But Alissa would have none of it! Magdu dead decided to hold onto the Ring of Invisible Force for now.

Back to Girlclocks

On the way out to Girlclocks, twenty brigands were waiting for the party and a wild melee ensued. They surprised the heroes and pressed them hard but the party’s magic-users were able to sleep half of them. The rest fought on for a while and they were struck down before they could kill anyone.

The party left Nihi, one of the brigands, alive and he happily led them to the camp. The camp guard tried to make a run for it with a bag, but Alissa’s wardogs chased him down. twenty nine gems were the brigands’ ill-gotten gains and the party liberated the funds. Magdu dead recruited Nihi into the Adventurers' Guild.

To Passionhelm

The adventurers decided to bring the debilitated Zom safely to Passionhelm. At first everything was calm on the road but on the second night four Night Ogres showed up. Magdu thankfully spotted them before they got too close and Dlurbis identified the threat. Out of the two nobody succumbed to the icy blood magic of the Ogres and they were confused because their trick didn’t work and hesitated.

Renal awoke to see the camp under assault from the hated Night Creatures he prepared himself for the worst and sent a prayer to Elrath. This time the dragon responded and sent his loyal servant Lentul Lightbringer the blinding radiance the Gold Dragon to destroy the abominations. He swooped down from the night sky, blinded the Ogres with his light and killed the monsters with a single salvo of his Radiant Acid breath. “The night may be long and full of terrors, but my wrath is even more dreadful! Abomination that crept out of the dark, be purged! Praise Elrath!” Then the magnificent divine agent took off again.

Everyone was amazed at the sight and many considered converting to the path of light on the spot but nobody wanted to commit. Magdu held on to his Arkath belief. The party stayed up all night to talk about various things while the still glowing acid pool where the ogres met their end provided light.

In Passionhelm

The party delivered Zom to his contacts who took care of him.

Magdu immediately invested his earnings into his Adventurers' Guild project and put the reformed bandit Nihi to work. Dlurbis recruited some kobolds from the area and invited the whole kobold clan on a pub crawl through Passionhelm. It was a memorable moment when dozens of Kobolds came to the Storyhome inn and took over the dancefloor. Arriving watchmen were swept into the crowd and found themselves surfing on the latter! The Kobold Den was established as a clubhouse in an abandoned building.

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