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Player built

Spending Money

a bust in the likeness of Oscar on display at the town Fountain

The Gambling Den, built by Oscar and Tosid. Comes with a fresco depicting the mutilation of the despicable bandit murderer by the party.

A statue to Liyìÿi comissioned by Oscar. Devoted worshipper of Sylanna. At one with chestnut. In the early winter of 1164 Liyìÿi was mortally wounded by the human Stram in Koganusân. Ever shall stand this memorial.

The a brothel, comissioned by Gus Rais. Everyone seems to wanted to get in on the idea but Gus is adamant about going this path alone.

An Academy built by Jelena / Safoth. There young women can learn proper etiquette. (4200)

Alissa’s and Kamca’s Villa.

Banri’s Stone house

Adventurer's Guild Project: by Magdu dead [6’000] [+a lot from Norstrand]

Marcus Flavius Ligmar seems to be preparing material and labor for a major project [7675/?]

The Elrath convent has a new atrium (built by Renal) and an oppulent tomb (Alissa)

The Mitra temple has a new belfry (financed by Flavius) and a new atrium is planned (Flavius, Robyn, 850/5000)

Knights of passionhelm building (Norstrand)

Religious institutions

Donations are a secret, only the players themselves may know how much gold they have spent in total. Other players merely know how popular a particular PC is with a particular church (i.e. they may ask the GM at any given time about it)

Missionaries sent: 1

land reclaimed: 82 Homesteads

Status: Small convent + Bellfry + Garden + Tombs


Mercenaries don’t come on adventures into dungeons. They stay in their assigned Castles and Towers.

Basic Mercenaries

Light Infantry, Wage: 3/month, Morale: 8
Servants, Wage 1/month, Morale: 6
Heavy Infantry, Wage: 4/month, Morale: 8

Random Mercenaries d100

Dice Score Troop Type Number Encountered (d10) 1-4 5-7 8-9* 0

01-04 archer (longbow) 1-4 2-5 3-12 5-20
05-10 archer (shortbow) 1-6 2-8 4-16 5-30
11-12 artillerist 1 2 3 4
13 captain 1 1 1 1
14-20 crossbowman 1-6 2-8 5-20 8-48
21-30 footman, heavy 1-6 2-12 5-30 10-60
31-37 footman, light 1-4 2-8 3-12 5-20
38-40 footman, pikeman 2-5 3-12 5-20 10-40
41 lieutenant 1 1 1 1
42-44 hobilar, heavy 1-3 2-5 3-12 4-16
45-48 hobilar, light 1-4 2-8 3-12 5-20
49 horseman, archer 1-2 1-6 2-8 3-12
50-53 horseman, crossbowman 1-4 2-8 3-12 5-20
54-58 horseman, heavy 1-3 2-5 3-12 4-16
59-70 horseman, light 1-4 2-8 4-16 5-30
71-78 horseman, medium 1-3 2-5 3-12 4-16
79-80 sapper/miner 1-2 1-4 2-5 2-8
81-85 serjeant 1 1 1-2 1-3
86-88 slinger 1-3 1-6 2-8 3-12

Building prices

Initial Temple Building, nothing too fancy 3’000

Worthwile addition to a temple or church (living quarters, bellfry, library books not included, scriptorium, work area, training area: 5’000

small statue for a well 50 gold,

normal statue for a garden 100 gold,

small stone altar with a spirit gate and a small pond (2m×2 m) 250 gold,

small wooden shop with a place to sleep in the back (5m×5 m) 300 gold,

single story wooden business such as a tavern, a gallery, a gambling den (15m×15 m) 700 gold, large bronze statue for a square 1,000 gold,

two story wooden house in a village (15m×15 m) 1,500 gold,

a memorable tomb )5m×5m) 2’000 gold

two story stone house in a village (15m×15 m) 3,000 gold,

two story villa with marbel columns and statues in a large town (15m×15 m) 10,000 gold,

City Tower, 10m×10m rooms connected through trapdoors, 1’000 gold/story, 4 stories minimum, 10 stories maximum (legal limit)

keep out in the wilderness, six stories (20m×20 m) and a walled courtyard (10m×20 m) 75,000 gold


Specialists: Spy (500/month), Sage (2000/month), Armorer (50/month), Animal trainer (750/month), Farming specialist, Thresher, Milker, Herbalist, Gardener, Brewer, Wood Burner (10/month), Craftsman (20/month), Farmhand (1gp/month)

Mercenaries require Room & board in addition to a monthly wage