Character Creation

Roll statistics

Roll 3d6 six times. The order in which you rolled is important! The first is your Strength, which is good, but not required, for melee combatants. The second one is your Dexterity, which helps you avoid damage. The third is your Constitution, which helps you survive better in general. The fourth statistic is your Intelligence that comes into play when you try to remember facts. It is also good, but not required, for magic-users. The fifth one is your Wisdom, which is a measure of how in touch with the world you are and also how sane you are. A high wisdom is an indicator of a well adjusted being. The last one is Charisma which regulates the number of your possible retainers (loyal followers)

These statistics are going to range from 3 to 18. 3 is the worst human ability while 18 is the maximum human ability and 9 to 12 is the average human being’s capability.

Always remember: extreme statistics (in either direction) are a chance to Roleplay!

Choose a Race

Each Race has a Specialty which you will have access to no matter what class you choose. Some also have drawbacks in addition to the benefits. Some Races also have unique classes, which can only be chosen by that particular race. While humans can be any class without penalties, this does not apply to unique classes. More on penalties in the next section.

The numerous and talented Humans, who come in all shapes and sizes. Special: You can pick any class you meet the requirements for, except racial uniques. Classes without penalty: Any (not including uniques)

The even more numerous and sneaky Kobolds, small dog-like humanoids. Special: 5 in 6 to hide if in light or no armor, unable to wield 2 handed weapons properly, Always proficient with the sling, Classes without penalty: Fighter, Specialist, Tribesman (unique)

The immortal, magical Elves, tall, slender humanoids. Special: Night Vision (unlimited), 2 in 6 to find secret doors and to hear noise, Always proficient with the bow. Classes without penalty: Magic-User, specialist, Fighter, Priest of Jura, Battlemage (unique)

The also immortal, shifty Goblins, grey-, green- or brown-skinned slightly short Humanoids with red glowing eyes. Special: Night Vision (unlimited), 2 in 6 to hide (improves with levels), -1 per level to all maximum hit point rolls, Always proficient with the whip. Classes without penalty: Fighter, Specialist, Demonologist of Asno, Priest of Malassa, Path of the Master (unique)

The tough Dwarves, short sturdy creatures fond of drink and industry. Special: Thermo Vision (30m), +1 per level to all maximum hit point rolls, +4 to all saving throws except Breath weapons, unable to properly wield 2 handed weapons (except battle axe) Classes without penalty: Fighter, Specialist

Choose a class

Penalty: double XP amount needed to level up

Fighter: d8 HD, Armor: All, Weapons: All, Shieldblock, Weapons Specialization at 7th, Name Level: 9th (Freehold + M@A) XP: 2’001 , *XP+*: 250’000

Specialist: d4 HD, Armor: Light, Weapons: simple, Skill points, Name Level: 10th (Guild Hall + 4d6 associates) XP: 1’251, *XP+*: 220’000

Magic-User: d4 HD, Armor: none, Weapons: simple, Spellcasting (no armor), Can learn any spell, Bonus spells known based on intelligence, Spell research at 9th, Name Level: 11th (Tower + item creation) XP: , *XP+*:

Cleric/Demonologist: d6 HD, Armor: all, Weapons: limited, Shieldblock, Spellcasting (in armor), fixed spell knowledge according to patron, Divine intervention (patron only), Name Level: 9th (Grand Temple + 4d6 fanatics/paladins) XP: 1’501, *XP+*: 225’000