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Player Characters / Active Retainers

Passionhelm Expeditions

Character Share XP Money Level XP next Home Health Player
ThoraFull22’51211616magic-user 540,001Passionhelm-Quadi
Urirhalf14’3551637Cleric of Armok 525,001Passionhelm-Quadi
Sperahalf5’9343336magic-user 310,001Passionhelmscar, ear X, leg XQuadi
LorianFull9’0891030Dwarf 417’502Passionhelm-Orhan
Lucyhalf4’0662144dwarf 34,374PassionhelmScarredOrhan
GhenkFull748157Goblin 12,001Passionhelm-Sylvester
Surilhalf459503Cleric of Armok 11’501Passionhelm-Orhan
SafothHalf5641295thief 11,251Passionhelm-Orhan
KlinFull22341195kobold 34,001Passionhelm1 finger XThalutguy
MordecaiFull2310Fighter 12,051Passionhelm-Oswald Pike

Adventurers in town / Reserves:

Silvanhalf794667Cleric of Elrath 11,501Passionhelm--
MilanoFull2024thief 12’051---
Tosidshare500270Goblin 12,035Passionhelm--
PalathShare401049magic-user 12,501Passionhelm--
RosmicShare 02Cleric of Armok1,565Passionhelm--
OmaShare 08cleric of Ylath 11’521Passionhelm--
AniseShare016Fighter 12,051Passionhelm--
SruliShare027Elf 14,001Passionhelm--
ElikaShare03Elf 14,001Passionhelm--
LivShare04Fighter 12,051Passionhelm--
PhilomenShare02Cleric of Ylath 11,501Passionhelm--
YaminShare04Fighter 12,051[[Passionhelm]--
ElidianaShare012Cleric of Ylath3,001Passionhelm--

NPC parties

Porridge Mayhem

Centered around Muma, the cleric of Mitra and temple caretaker in Passionhelm, these guys have taken up adventuring after another party would not hire them for weeks on end. With their bases secure, they aim to earn enough money to comfortably live for the rest of their lives.

Character Share XP Money Level XP next Home Health Player
MumaShare62832469cleric of Mitra 412’501Passionhelm-NPC
Vladimirhalf3202614Dwarf 24,361Passionhelm-NPC
Vasilioshalf31291116magic-user 25,001Passionhelm-NPC
Rolfshare2286219dwarf 14,367Passionhelm-NPC
Jernokhalf1425793kobold 22,001PassionhelmEar XNPC
BaxShare 0762goblin 11,751Passionhelm-NPC

The crimson enforcers

Founded by Gun Gho, the gun toting dwarf, but recently taken over by Dodonak, the crimson “Arch Wizard” for his own inscrutinable purposes. They operate from the dwarven occupied portion of Koganusân. Dodonak might be willing to teach spells to trustworthy people.

Character Type Level Home
DodonakHumanMagic-User 7Koganusân
Praised-BeHumanCleric 5 of MeraKoganusan
Gun GhoShadowforge DwarfFighter 5Koganusan
Snatch BeaverHoary Marmot ManExpert 5Koganusan
Forge-IuOgreas monsterKoganusan
Hurt EverythingBlue Goblinas monsterKoganusan
BlariusHumanNormal ManKoganusan

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Retirees - The Hall of Fame

Sir Marcus Flavius Ligmar17433 XP240 in SavingsFighter 5Home: LakebearsPerfect HealthPlayer Kenneth

Husband to Mayor Nifih Joyousblades of Lakebears who agreed to the marriage of convenience, when Passionhelm was looking for allies. He is dreaming of building a keep in the wilderness. His Knighthood in the county of Passionhelm will undoubtedly lead to conflicts of interest in the future.

Dame Alissa25408 XP3019 in SavingsFighter 5Home: PassionhelmPerfect HealthPlayer: Quadi

“I won’t adventure with this madman anymore, fuck that guy!”, lives in a Mansion in Passionhelm. For her deeds and her loyal service, Count Pureheart has also granted her a Manor (neither house, farmlands nor servants not included). She was once in good standing with the church of Elrath, but is shunned by the community now for some reason.

Gus_Rais6261 XP3747 in Savingsmagic-user 310,001With Gusto BrothelMangled LegPlayer: Jack

He started the first brothel in Passionhelm. He recruits his employees from Girlclocks, a nearby town. He is bound to rake in profits with his business model.

Marvy Krapps995 XP1896 in Savingsfighter 12,051Passionhelmperfect healthPlayer: Wizard Lizard

He lives in the inn, always conserving his money. The horrors he has witnessed while adventuring will forever haunt him.

Corvus8’953 XP3768 in savingsRavenman 416’001Chimera's Endperfect HealthPlayer: RedSylvester
Skri11’970 XP938 in savingsSpiderman 416’001Chimera's Endperfect healthPlayer: Thalutguy

The two beastmen, fed up with the mistreatments they had to suffer in Passionhelm (namely through the Cult of Ylath), they established their own refuge outside of town, Chimera’s End. The old tower ruin, where they were part of the subjugation of a deadly Chimera is now the site of a settlement that has formed around an inn for outcasts and rangers.

Dlurbis5536 XP567 in savingskobold 4 (knight)8,001Passionhelm6 teeth lostPlayer: Merry Xmas

Chief of the Kobold Rangers, a kobold self-help organization, Dlurbis had to fight prejudice as well as other adversaries. But in the end it payed off! He and his followers, Dloil, Jernok and Klin, and their extended families are living comfortable lives in and around Passionhelm. They have their own Hall which contains a secure vault.

Magdu_dead2931 XP4390 in savingsthief 35’001Passionhelmmissing swordarmPlayer: Thalutguy

The founder of the Private Legion a mercenary bureau. He acquired the initial funds while adventuring.

Eloise4136 XP359 in savingsmagic-user 25,001Passionhelmperfect healthPlayer: Tobi

Former apprentice to Akkad Feathercandle, the wizard.

Oscar5477 XP89 in savingsmagic-user 310,001Passionhelmperfect healthPlayer: Snurf

The back alley sorceror of Passionhelm.

Injured / Other former PCs

Character Share XP Money Level XP next Home Health Player Special
CatarinaFull6’533-147Dwarf 38’751Passionhelmbroken leg (Jun 8)Sylvester
Sanahalf4943183thief 11,251PassionhelmBroken ribs (Jun 15)Orhan
[[Robyn?]]half20491057Fighter 1 (veteran)2,051Passionhelm-Ken
Paulinehalf120696Elf 14,001Passionhelm-Thalutguy
EcenHalf4252250fighter 12,051retired, Away--
Shlalgis-?0kobold ??an empty treasure chestRolf’s buttlerTobi
Dloilhalf1050kobold 11,001Passionhelmshieldarm XMerry Xmas
SkraggirFull3113426Goblin 11,751PassionhelmretiredJacos

Aslan the lionman


Character Share XP Money Level XP next Home Health Player
LarsFull2001004Elf 14,001Passionhelm-Bob
PaytahFull2045thief 11,251GraveyardTortured to death by GoblinsOrhanDon’t kick every door you see
LiyìÿiHalf1520elf 14,001GraveyardThroat slit by banditsTobi (former)Turns out Bandits can backstab
IdHalf23404dwarf 12,187Graveyarddied to green slime / fireOrhanYeah, just burn it away, what could go wrong
DixilFull2260524 (donated to Ylath)fighter 24,070Passionhelmpoisoned by giant Crab spidersQuadi“AC2, 20HP, I’m invincible!”
LorbamHalf1271939dwarf 12,187pyre in the outer citykilled by skeletonsOrhan
MawadaHalf04Elf 14,001pyre in the outer citykilled by zombiesQuadi
GipestHalf2811868fighter 12,051Passionhelm“slain” by Priest of Asno session 14Orhan
KamcaHalf5566499fighter 38,140Passionhelmnose, 4 teeth, Death by poison gas trapQuadi
Koboldhalf1050kobold 11,001Passionhelmimpaled by a skeletal elephantMerry Xmas
JaromirFull23802 (donated to various)fighter 12,035Passionhelmdeath by wraith, now a wraithOrhan
Dastry SassFull17160lizardman 13’000Passionhelmdeath by doppelgangerThalutguy
OblerHalf24731308fighter 24,000Passionhelmdied to shadowsQuadi
Banrishare2052289fighter 24,070Beyond the chasmeviscerated by ancient weapon trap-
Nikohalf1501fighter 12,051PassionhelmLost Leg-spiderman poisonKen
[[Lazarus?]]half111871Fighter 1 (veteran)2,051Passionhelmbitten to death by phase spiders ☠Thalutguy
Renal ‘the wicked’Full307632192 (inherited by Vasilioscleric of Elrath 650’0001PassionhelmOvercome by the undead hordes ☠Orhan
Sir NorstrandFull195362345Goblin 528’001PassionhelmOvercome by the undead hordes ☠Thalutguy
MelbilHalf18698395dwarf 534,680PassionhelmOvercome by the undead hordes ☠Orhan
Norgothalf22661000Minotaur 116,001PassionhelmOvercome by the undead hordes ☠Thalutguy
Mirdinghalf52054267magic-user 310,001PassionhelmOvercome by the undead hordes ☠Thalutguy
HunterHalf10’0841799Expert 420’001PassionhelmOvercome by the undead hordes ☠Orhan
Dobashare02fighter 12,001Passionhelmlost in the dumgeonredsylvester
Rianshare02fighter 12,001PassionhelmDead (probably UD)Orhan
KarlFull190103fighter 12,051PassionhelmDeath by Chimera-
ChaviShare011Fighter 12,051Passionhelmright Eye X, right leg XComitted suicide for “failing as a fighter” after losing a leg to giant python

Memento Mori

Other Dead

Dreamer, died in battle against the forces of the Kobold King, ripped apart by a giant weasel

Elf and another guy

Dog Boy, he loved Paytah’s dog, met his end in a crawlspace

Shepard, he went for the coins, only for the world to turn upside down on him, the spikes growing out of the sky finished him off

Ramston, Ebi, Quistra and Issha were killed in action by Gargoyles. They were under the command of Ghenk at the time.

Schmiegel under the command of Milano


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