Note: Each cleric is its own class as of now. Refer to the God's or Force's page to view the class

Mitra, Uphold lawfulness, do not fall to chaos. Champions of Mitra call themselves “Lawspeaker”. Domains: Law, Peace, Hearth

Alnos, Kill everything, then yourself. Champions: “Death Knight”. Domains: “Death, War

[[Norno?]] Consort with night creatures. Champions: “Harbinger”. Domains: Darkness, Moon, Chaos

Asno, fight against the followers of Malassa, hurt people, make them scream in anguish, imprison people in your own or an ally’s dungeon (bonus points if the person is an innocent youngling of noble birth). Champions: “Villian” or “Villainess”. Domains: Pain, Mischief

Arkath, All burn, slay great beasts. Champions: “Runelord” or “Runelady”. Domains: War, Smithing, Creation, Fire

Ylath, Protect humanity, cure diseases, lift curses, fight the eldritch. Champions: “Windsword”. Domains: Storms, Air, Hunt

Elrath, cure illness and protect the weak. Restore order in the midst of chaos, fight the undead. Champions: “Crusader”. Domains: Protection, Healing, Light, Sun

Malassa, poison people, fight against the followers of Asno. Champions: “Stalker”. Domains: Thievery, Poison

Sylanna, Protect the environment. Destroy abominations in the face of nature. Champions: “Druid”. Domains: Earth, Revelry, Forest, Animals

Shalassa Fight against Barbarism. Champions: “Loremaster” or “Loremistress”. Domains: Water, Knowledge, Magic, Time


Halberds & Helmets doesn not support a Cleric class at the time. Use this when creating a cleric character

You can fight (but not as well as a fighter) and you can work miracles related to your object of worship (but your miracles are not as powerful as a magic user’s spells and if they are, a M-U gains them several levels before you do).

You can worship multiple gods, but you must choose one of them whose spell book you will be using (you cannot alter this decision once made). Clerics who stop worshipping their Deity/Deities can choose a new one/new ones, but it takes at least a week (maximum: 1 week per level, depending on how serious your “falling out” was) to be fully attuned with the new Domain (you will be able to work your miracles then)

  1. Level 0
  2. Level 1’565
  3. Level 3’125
  4. Level 6’251
  5. Level 12’501
  6. Level 25’001
  7. Level 50’001
  8. Level 100’001
  9. Level 200’001
  10. Level 300’001
  11. Level 1: Maximum Faith points = 2, Communion 9
  12. Level 2: Maximum Faith points = 4, Communion 10
  13. Level 3: Maximum Faith points = 8, Communion 11
  14. Level 4: Maximum Faith points = 12, Communion 11
  15. Level 5: Maximum Faith points = 18, Communion 12
  16. Level 6: Maximum Faith points = 24, Communion 12
  17. Level 7: Maximum Faith points = 32, Communion 12
  18. Level 8: Maximum Faith points = 40, Communion 12
  19. Level 9: Maximum Faith points = 50, Communion 12
  20. Level 10: Maximum Faith points = 60, Communion 12
to Hit AC0123456789
Level 1-319181716151413121110
Level 4-51817161514131211109
Level 6-8171615141312111098
Level 9-1016151413121110987
Saving ThrowsDragon Breath, ExplosionsParalysis, PetrificationDeath, PoisonRays, WandsSpells, Miracles
Level 1–41614111215
Level 5–8141291012
Level 9-1212107810
Level 13108568


(circle is equivalent to spell level). Spells cost the equivalent in Faith Points to their circle

See the Gods pages for spell lists

Level1st circle2nd circle3rd circle4th circle5th circle6th Circle*7th Circle* *

Note: *Only the religious head can learn 6th level spells

Note Only the prophet can learn 7th level (and 6th level) spells

Miracles of the 3rd and 4th level will be acquired with the aid of supernatural servants of your deity.

Miracles of the 5th, 6th and 7th level will be acquired through direct communion with your deity.


1 in 6 for normal tasks

Special abilities (5,6,8):

Devout servant: (In combat only) Pray with 10 additional reputation for divine intervention to your patron god. Once per adventure

Sacrifice: if a nearby comrade would suffer damage or a wound, you can instead suffer that damage or the wound (even if you are above 0 HP), choose before or after damage is rolled. Once per adventure

Encouragement: for a single saving throw, Allies gain a +4 to their saving throws against Fear effects in that round. Declare use anytime. Once per adventure

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