Colis Tarn

Common Knowledge

Formerly Colis Tarn was a nation at the foot of the Smooth Points of Pride. With influence from Nathobgil, the barbarian tribes of Colis Tarn modernized themselves and under central leadership on the part of the lords of Premierdefense, entered regional politics.

Some in Colis Tarn still follow the old ways and they and the feudal lords are always at odds. Both parties still value honor above all else and would rather die than dishonor themselves.

The old ways include eating the things you kill in battle.

A few months ago, Colis Tarn has been overrun by abominations that descended down from the Smooth Points of Pride, both undead and magical.

Survivors report that all major settlements have been destroyed by the invaders. They also tell of a new disease spreading among the ones that stayed.