Confronting the Necromancer

(We had a bit of a problem when Oscar suddendly disconnected early in the session. He did show up, but his participation didn’t amount to much, so he is not listed here)

Gus Rais had an apprentice’s assignment: find out what the Necromancer of the outer city is doing here. Let's capture him! was the consensus, he, Alissa and Renal agreed on. The various retainers, bodyguards and friends were also there. Kamca, the unjustly maimed, Hunter the sureshot, Ecen the untouchable, Gipest the backup-warrior. New on the party was Gus’ own apprentice Thora, smart and witty.

Alissa urged the party on to confront the fiend as soon as possible, Gus Rais wanted to find even more money to finance his business endeavours. Renal was influenced by both and as the party leader he decided on the course of action. In Koganus├ón, they first came upon a group of dwarves from the Explorers’ Guild who were cornered by a mad ghost. This situation could quickly turn into another Wraith-fest, Alissa knew, and she confronted the ghost in conversation. The ghostly Tax Collector was out to catch tax evaders, but Alissa swayed him to give the debitors more time. She even handed over her sword of blasting as a collateral. The ghost was satisfied and set 1 month as a timeframe to finally pay the due taxes and disappeared into Spirit Space, taking the sword with him.

A quick stop at Goblintown was made to maybe find allies in the fight against the undead or the hostile Badgers. The Goblins were uninterested, but if it would be against the Badgers, they recommended the party to ask the elves beyond the river for help. But sharing treasure is bad, especially in the view of treasure hungry adventurers. The party decided to assault the necromancer stronghold located in the shopping district. They were careful on their approach, but not careful enough. A Magic Mouth announced their arrival loudly. The doors to the hall of records slammed shut and Two zombie sentries came around the corner. They were quickly overwhelmed by the adventurers.

have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

In the hall of records, Renal invoked the light miracle of Elrath upon the presumed magical darkness and was able to punch through! The Necromancer, Inan Tombspirit, and his retinue were prepared for them. 1 Necromancer, 1 Deyja-Knight and 2 Apprentices let loose their wrath upon them and the party did the same. Hunter avoided a Charm, Renal was hit squarely by magic missiles but survived. Gus tried to sleep them, but Tombspirit shrugged off the pathetic little magic trick. In dire straits, the necromancer mounted a last ditch defense, as a stray sling bullet crushed his leg. 2 Skeletal champions appeared from the basement and held the party at bay for a time. Tombspirit used the distraction, crawled over to the frontline, and cursed Renal with his foul magicks. Then he tried to make a run for it, supported by his last skeletal champion, covering his armour and surroundings in darkness, but Gus dispelled it with his scroll of light and he was caught.

All of the Necromancers were captured. On the spot interrogation and torture produced nothing. Inan Tombspirit seemed to have warded himself against pain. When questioned on the nature of Renal’s curse he grinningly stated: I brought you closer to Alnos. Or did I bring him closer to you? It remained a mystery for the time being. The treasure was enormous. platinum coins, enhanced arms and armour, necromantic implements, you name it! The party headed out towards the exit. Passing through Goblintown, the goblins demanded tribute and the party provided a suitable torture-victim in the form of a small-fry necromancer, the Goblins were more than pleased. In triumph they returned to Passionhelm.

In Town

The city guard welcomed the party and took the Knight as well as the remaining apprentice into custody. Akkad Feathercandle, the court wizard, led the party into the Passionhelm Prison, where they planned to interrogate the Necromancer chief. Accepting his fate, he told the party some things, but also retained some secrets. He almost sprung his trap on Renal as he goaded the cleric to open the trapped chest they brought. Akkad Feathercandle was cautious enough to stop the Cleric and used a Knock spell on the chest whose poison needle sprung into empty space. Renal was dumbstruck and after a few more avoided questions, the necromancer wa brought before Count Limun Pureheart. He sentenced the fiend to death and scheduled the execution right after the sentence was made.

On the chopping block in the market square, Inan Tombspirit winked one last time at Renal, before his head came off. This wasn’t the end of Renal’s torment. Since he fell victim to the foul magicks, he had been hearing footsteps behind him and whenever he entered or left a new room, he felt a malevolent presence following him in and out.

With the help of shady *Apu Ticksveils* who was able to erase a Fiery Rune, Gus was able to safely open the necromancers scroll case. Inside he found a most powerful Scroll, it even had a lightning Bolt on it. Another scroll was inscribed with an unknown healing spell. Nobody dared to use it.

Second expedition

With the dreaded fullmoon night over, the party felt bold enough for another foray into the dungeon. They decided to explore the southern outer city. At the river they had a run-in with cave crocodiles who were waiting near a triplet of dead dwarves. A sleep spell took care of them. The dwarves weren’t from the explorer’s Guild, but instead wore unknown insignias. A red hammer and anvil on black base. They came upon an old office where a crawlspace beckoned them. Gus Rais, as the only one without heavy armour refused to go inside and decided to instead make sure nothing was living in there. Another river access was found, but not further explored.

In the former Gnoll lair, the party found a strange dwarven engraving of a gold dragon and a green dragon defeating and imprisoning a lavender Demon within a mountain, but nobody could read the inscriptions and captions. Renal had one of his paranoic fits and he heard tiny footsteps approaching. Then giant rats came, but the party got the drop on them and routed them after killing some without much trouble. While Hunter was disarming a trap, unknown Dwarves showed up, but they kept their distance. When the party got closer to them, they tried to capture Gipest, but the fighter was not so easily bested and fought them off. Realizing their mistake in challenging supperior oponents, they attempted to parlay and so did the party. But neither side could understand the other. Nevertheless the dwarves signaled the party to stop and wait as they carefully walked away.

The party waited for a very long time, but the dwarves did not return. They decided to bring back the unknown corpses they found earlier and to leave one of the dwarves’ shield there so that they could find and intomb them.

Back in town again

The Explorers’ Guild leader, Urist Botherbears, identified the emblem as the banner of Shadowforge, a dwarven realm centered around a volcano located in the southern Smooth Points of Pride.