Datan Cobalttin the Boulders of Granite is the divine Peregrine Falcon watching over the mountaintops and alpinists. She is associated with freedom, travelling and birds

Spellbook: Falconflight

1st level:

universal spell lay on hands: cure paralysis OR heal 1d6+1 HP OR prevent non-magical paralysis for 2 rounds

Goat aspect: automatically succeed on climb checks made to scale rock walls. 4 in 6 for other materials (even paper)

Forecast: precisely forecast the weather in the next 2 days.

Resist Cold: resist up to 8 magical cold damage and all natural cold (like on a mountaintop or glacier)

2nd level:

universal spell Datan's Blessing: climb chance improves by 1 in 6 and +1 to attack. +2 if attacking from higher ground

Tremor: cause a tremor in a 10m radius causing creatures to be knocked prone (save vs. spell allowed if >4HD)

Delay Poison: delays the onset of poison for 1 hour/level. When the spell ends all poison will affect the target normally (at the same time)

Eye of Datan: place a magical senson up to 200m above you. You see as if you were actually there and while you do so, your vision penetrates foilage (forest, jungle). 1 minute/level