Double Feature

Skraggir, Renal, Gus Rais and Magdu dead outfitted a new expedition to Koganusân. In lack of Alissa, Renal recruited Melbil, the dwarven veteran. He also got a hold of a Spiderman and enticed him into service with a payment of 500 coin. Sana, Thora and the vengeful Hunter were also there.

Skraggir was made aware by his goblin kinsmen that Wild Elf squatters had occupied a residential area in the Ramparts. But could they hold against 20 or more elves? The Kobold area was again searched, but only a pit trap into which Spiderman fell was found. At the elven door, Magdu dead offered one of his paper business cards. The wild elf was offended by this Once a beautiful tree and now a useless bauble fit only for your kind, begone, tree murderer!

On the Hallway again, Goblins were exchanging blows with Dwarves, the dwarves won but the goblins escaped unscathed. While conversing with the dwarves, more dwarves showed up. Two of their leaders had a disagreement and made a ruckus on the Hallway. With almost all dwarves of the explorers' Guild assembled by chance, one of the leaders made the suggestion to take out the hated wild elves together with the party. The dwarves would take half of the plunder and they were to attack from behind, while the party was to assault the front.

The Assault

The wild elves were waiting for the adventurers and as the door opened, fifteen Wild Elf archers opened up, hasted by the magic of their leader, Ririli Mistyceilings. The party survived barely and Gus Rais together with Thora sleeped the wild elf foot soldiers. Their leader was taken down by the charge of the dwarves that hit him from behind.

On advice of the dwarves, the elves were left alive one of them is bound to know where they have their treasure!. And it was so. a valuable tapestry along with a chest of coins was found. The dwarves left the captives to the party and took the tapestry home with them. The party decided that they would return to Passionhelm

Back in town, the party hit the slave market while Gus and Thora retired to rest and recuperate for a while. The leader, considered too dangerous had his tongue cut. The captives fetched a good price on the slave market according to the trader Huskatl, being mostly ‘young’ elves.

Second Expedition

The others didn’t have enough yet, Magdu took the lead and destroyed a Sylanna and a [[Caccast?]] altar that had been newly erected in the Ramparts. A green slime was outsmarted and its ‘bait’ proved to be a rich treasure hoard.

As they prepared to venture into the Outer City, they witnessed a group of Frogmen under assault by strange Mudmen. To no surprise, the mudmen dominated the fight and the party kept their distance.

Instead they explored a new part of the Ramparts. Soon, the overconfident Magdu found himself at the recieving end of a Cage Trap while in the key room for an ancient treasury. The two halves of the enchanted steel cage fused with magdu between them, leaving no lock to pick or door to force.

Magdu dead tried and tried, but couldn’t bend the bars. Eventually the party was forced to carry the cage out, spending hours on the task. Skeletal Dogs and vicious Mandril apes blocked their way, but they made it out in time.

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