Elf hostage, what do?

The party’s reputation has grown. So much that Tosid the halfling and Dixil the fighting man joined the party. Tosid was so enthusiastic that he ran after the party to join them even though he came in late for the recruitment drive. The two were total newbies at the job but Rolf and his posse could sure show them the ropes. Oscar got rid of his two cousins and recruited Melbil the dwarf and Muma the cleric and the two agreed to aid and protect their supreme leader. Palath came too, he just couldn’t let the fools run to their gruesome deaths, not if he could help it.

Oscar tried to get rid of Shlalgis, but even he was insulted by the measly 2 gold he would have gotten on the slave market. Rolf took the kobold in as a porter. Then the party came to the message board for the first time and saw that the merchants of Passionhelm were looking for help dealing with a bandit problems.

At Koganusân they encountered a Kobold patrol. Recognizing Shlalgis the traitor, the monsters attacked immediately in their rage. They hit him once, but the tough little kobold held sway.

The case was clear. The “Squatters” matched the bandits’ descriptions and so the party decided that a raid on their rooms was in order. Surprising the Birds of Freedom while they were having their morning tea, the adventurers slew a handfull in their first assault. The bandits enacted their contingency plan and 3 of them escaped in different directions while the rest bought time for their escape. They pressed Rolf hard, breaking his sword arm. Palath crushed their skulls in return. None were left standing after another of the PCs’ onslaughts. A lone captive spilled the beans but was hoping to lead the Party into a trap. He led them down a hallway and as he was at the door tried to reach his waiting comrades and take down at least an enemy with him. He did not succeed and Melbil finished him off.

The Bandit elite rearguard lay in wait and Dixil walked right into their trap. But the fighter was expecting an ambush and the two criminals booked it, confronted with an enemy that could actually fight back. They jumped down into the dry moat, covering eachother’s backs. Liyìÿi and Tosid, as the only ones not weighed down by metal armor, “Leadership responsibilities” or loss of confidence, gave chase. Tosid stopped on the bridge to pelt the Bandits with arrows and Liyìÿi confronted the pair in melee.

The rest of the party arrived only to watch the bandits overwhelm the Elf and were confronted by them holding her at knifepoint! “Let us out of here, or the elf gets it!” were their demands and threats. “Bring me in closer!” Oscar pressed on his protectors. Tosid played the hero, dove around the corner where the bandits were and sent an arrow right into one of the bandit’s hearts. But not before said bandit buried his shortsword deep into Tosid’s sword arm.

The other perp was slightly conflicted. Should he kill the Elf just to spite his pursuers and go out fighting or should he bargain her life for safe passage? With Tosid squirming in pain on the floor, he had some time to think about it. “Don’t pursue or I’ll carve the elven bitch a new smile!”. He made his choice as he saw the metal clad shieldwall roll up from around the corner. It was then and there that Liyìÿi lost her life and the bandit his manhood soon after.

They decided to bring in the captive. At the gate, the guards provided an escort, spoiling Oscar’s plans to hit the slave market with their booty.

Back in town, Rolf stayed behind to bury his companion and to get his broken sword arm treated. Dixil, Tosid, Palath and Oscar left for Koganusân again on the same day. If someone else would clear out the now empty bandit hideout, Liyìÿi would have died for nothing! In the rearguard’s quarters, the party hit the motherlode: a whole jewelry shipment was liberated by them plus 600 gp cash.

Prudently stepping out of the room when Tosid smashed the only locked chest, Dixil was the only one not affected by sleeping gas coming out of the broken mechanism. Opening the chest he decided to hold on to a peculiar shortsword.

Again back in Passionhelm, the merchants refused to pay out a partial reward for breaking the bandits’ strenght momentarily. Dixil met with the court mage who attested magical properties to the shortsword

The Sword of Exploding Awesomeness

In the training area Dixil swung the sword into a training dummy and the dummy was blasted good (1d6+1 damage and a blast)

Who knows what other properties the sword holds in stock for Dixil