Elrath is the dragon of light. He was the first one of it’s kind. He was present at the creation of the world. Elrath is associated with truth, healing and protection.

The lesser spawn of Elrath is called gold dragons. They are the wisest and most powerful of the dragonspawn. It is said that they can take any form they wish. He is worshipped ardently by Lionmen and Mantis-Men

Elrath is a sworn enemy of Night Creatures and undead and his paladins, the Crusaders, may turn undead and are immune to the fear aura of higher night creatures.

how to gain score: For each type of higher night creature (i.e. not boogeymen) or type of higher undead (everything above Draugr) destroyed by you you gain one Elrath point.

Paladin: The Crusader

Score eternal crusade
2Gain the light spell. Once per adventure. Cannot be used to blind foes.
7Immunity to all night creature effects (except weapon attacks)
8Turn undead as a LL-cleric

Cleric: The Lightbringer

Spellbook Hymn to the light.

O, Elrath, dragon of the light,

Your radiance and mercy guide us safely through the night

deliver us from darkness and keep us safe, we pray

that we may rise and worship you, O keeper of the day

Spell LevelCaster LevelSpell NameTraditional Name
1Sanctuarynew spell
1Touch of Lightnew spell
1Eye of the Gold DragonLight
2Rites of the Sunnew spell
2Rebuke the nightnew spell
2Destroy the abomination of undeathnew spell
3Removal of bad growthcure disease
3Black breath begoneAcid Immunity (1h/level)
3Eternal BrillianceContinual Light
4Cleansing Lightneutralize poison
4Ward off deathnew spell
4Sunraynew spell
5Preservationnew spell
5Romance of the Dragon breathsnew spell
6Dawnnew spell

Sanctuary: all opponents attempting to hit the designated target must save vs. spell or cannot strike the target. The spell ends when an attack is made by the target or they target a spell at someone in a harmful manner.

Touch of light: (Heal 1d6+2 OR cure paralysis) AND (compell hostility OR take on hostility on yourself)

Rites of the sun: +1 to hit, +1 to damage, Undead with lower HD than the target has levels must save vs. spell to attempt an attack. (shimmering light effect). Higher level undead (Mummies and up) are not affected. Spell affects the entire party. Spell lasts 12 turns.

Rebuke the night: Banish 2d8 HD of Boogeymen or Night Creatures (they are not killed and may return to haunt you. If channeled unto a single night creature, they must save vs. Death or die permanently.

Destroy the Abomination of Unlife: Destroys as many hit dice of undead as you have levels around you (weaker undead are affected first). If channeled onto a single (undead) target, the target must save vs. Death or be destroyed. The target recieves a +1 saving throw bonus for every level it is above you.

Ward off death: ally gains +3 on saving throws against death energy (not poison). If you are under the effect of this spell and you are killed by a death-ray, you do not dissolve into putrid powder, but your body stays intact. You are also immune to level drain while under the effect of this spell. The spell lasts 1 Turn.

Preservation: Binds the soul to the targets body. This spell does ‘prevent’ death in a manner that a dead character’s soul stays close to the body. As long as the body is not destroyed entirely, the parts that do survive can be raised from death with a suitable spell even when that spell would normally be ineffective. Lost body parts are lost forever and cannot be re-attached if they were lost while not under the effect of Preservation. Spell affects the entire party. Spell lasts 1 day per level.

Sunray: Channels the light of the sun onto a target in your visual range. The Ray deals 1d8 points of fire damage per level (save for half). You must stand in sunlight to use this spell (clouds are ok). Undead and Chaos creatures take double damage from a Sunray.

Romance of the dragon breaths: choose 2 energy types (electicity, acid, lightning, fire, ice) target suffers 4d8 damage of each. Save vs. spell for half.

Dawn: A lightsource of the intensity of the sun erupts nearby. Allies (living only), Elrath Priests and Crusaders are immune to all of the following effects: Undead must save vs. Death or be destroyed. On a successful save, they still take 6d8 damage. Living creatures must save vs. spell or be blinded for 2 turns. Every creature, wether living or undead, takes 1 damage per round as long as they are affected.

Level Progression

LevelTitleExperienceHit Dice
Level 1Acolyte01d6
Level 2Adept1’5652d6
Level 3Priest/Priestess3’1253d6
Level 4Priest/Priestess6’2514d6
Level 5Curate12’5015d6
Level 6Elder25’0016d6
Level 7Elder50’0017d6
Level 8Patriarch/Matriarch100’0018d6
Level 9Patriarch/Matriarch200’0019d6
Level 10Patriarch/Matriarch300’0019d6+1

Spell Progression

Level1st circle2nd circle3rd circle4th circle5th circle6th Circle

To-Hit Progression

to Hit AC0123456789
Level 1-319181716151413121110
Level 4-51817161514131211109
Level 6-8171615141312111098
Level 9-1016151413121110987

Saving Throw Progression

LevelBreath, ExplosionPoison, DeathParalyze, StoneWand, DeviceSpell