Energy Drain

Certain creatures can drain energy on a successful hit, particularly the undead. There is no saving throw against it. Only a Death Ward, a 4th level miracle spell, protects you reliably. Undead are immune to energy drain.

When energy drain is inflicted upon a character, He loses a level. If he doesn’t have levels (e.g. a level 0 Man-at-Arms or a Wardog) he loses a hit die instead. When you run out of either levels or hit dice, you become weak and unable to fight effectively and you will become an undead creature of the kind that inflicted the final energy drain upon you. You can still move at your normal speed.

Upon losing levels and hit dice, a character adjustes his to-hit (if applicable), loses unspent spell slots (if applicable) and rerolls the hit point maximum. They keep their current hit points even if they exceed their (new) hit point maximum.

Characters can recover from energy drain on their own on a week-by-week basis. You regain one level per week of rest and recuperation. A Restoration miracle removes energy drain completely. A Heal miracle (5th level) restores one drained level. When regaining a level, adjust to-hit (if applicable), gain spell slots, if applicable, (they start out as spent) and reroll hit dice as normal.