Enter the War Room

The White Skull on Black riders sent an emmissary, offering a parlay. The Knights among the party were dispatched to accept the parlay. It was held between Mistringed and Echoviolence. The other side’s delegation consisted of some horsemen, a huge bone conglomerate creature, a ragged mob in the distance (assumed to be undead) and their leader in person. Prince Sandro of Deyja, the secret realm, introduced himself. He apologized for the incident at Echoviolence and assured that all involved had been punished according to their misdeeds. Renal was glad to hear that Hunter would be released from prison as a gesture of good will. The priest was also glad nobody tried to arrest him again.

Then Count Limun Pureheart of Passionhelm invited the party to participate in a strategy meeting. He claimed to be expeirenced in dealing with Deyjans and opted for a pre-emptive strike, “lest those bony freaks grow too powerful”.

After Renal was removed from the War Room for being a troublemaker, the rest of the party together with the Count hatched a plan to contact the Kobold Empire in the north, known for solving problems by throwing bodies at them. Because the domain of Passionhelm was severely lacking manpower, this seemed like a prudent plan.

Other potential allies, like the rumored lost civilization and the Ice Keep in the mountains, as well as the Nation of Mong Ol in the south were not chosen.