Enter the pyramid

Lost in a Sandstorm were:

Their water had run out, and so had their rations, their mounts had died, all seemed lost. But then they came upon a ruined city, almost completely covered in sand. They surmounted the city walls, a mere ankle-high step now and approached the only structure that stood above the sand dunes: a Pyramid. 5 tiers were visible. At the top, the party spotted a hidden entrance, a goblin had died and his corpse blocked the secret door from closing on its own.

They entered, in search of food and water.

Paris fell down a hole and broke his arm. Unable to summon, he had to rely on his comrades. Hodman magically put a few fire beetles to sleep in an abandoned forge, the same roon into which Paris had fell, after they had baited the beetles out of the shadows by dangling the corpse of a goblin, who had died in the secret entrance from a rope. Then they met the Warrior brothers of Mitrath, a religious order of fighting men. They wanted the fighting people among the party to join them, while they also vituperated [[Sirwaralayan?]], who was unworthy. Finally, the whole party joined as associates of the Brotherhood and they recieved food and water. While they dined the Elder brother told them much about the history of the Kingdom of Grand Dunes and of the other factions who had their own, flawed ways of combatting degeneracy and decline. “to be truly free of the scourges that have plagued our people, the tentacle monster and the Minotaur, we have to slay every living thing that could rise up and replace them, as well as the Minotaur himself.Iskaret the labyrinth lord, was said to be in charge of the pyramid.

Tarik, Romina and Lani stayed behind to maybe scam some food out of the Brotherhood to make their escape through the desert. Paris also stayed to recuperate from his horrible injury, which was only worsened by [[Sirwalalayan?]]’s malpractice. The party backtracked, since the Brotherhood’s territory was said to be a dead end and started ransacking a pair of rooms. 2 Geckos were not amused at the intrusion and mortally wounded Meta, the simple minded. “Ligash, Ja!”, Axe, yes! in dwarvish, were his last words, [[Sirwayalayant?]]’s first-aid could not save him. Hodman regretted that he had already used his spell and resorted to close combat. Amelie saved the day, took out her two handed axe and absolutely destroyed both lizards with powerful attacks.

Then deranged bird cosplayers came. They invited the party to ‘fly’ with them (by running fast and flapping their arms). And so they did. The bird people led them down some stairs and then another flight, only to be chased back up by Tiger-Beetles! The party routed the beasts and killed most of them. The birdbrains praised the party as “Warbirds”, but victory came at a steep price: the party had used up all their light sources to burn the beetles and they were now relying on the birds, who claimed to be able to see in the dark. The flight continued further down.

The Birds triggered a trap in a long hallway. A boulder came rolling after them. “to the right! to the right!” they yelled, but save for Amelie nobody in the party could make proper use of the directions. With mad luck, Ursin made the turn out of the boulder’s way. Hodman ran past and bumped into a wall. Before the boulder could reach Hodman though, [[Sirawalalayan?]]’s pelvis was crushed and he lay dying, but stopped the boulder. While he suffered an agonizing death, Ursin, faithful of Asno, praised his lord for such a display of painful carnage. Dark Powers took notice.

Session is to be picked up again right here, in medias res

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