The Godess of life, wolves, wilderness and free love. It is said that her agents, the valkyries, carry the souls of her fallen champions to her heavenly Hall, Sessrumnir.


Score Way of the Wolf
2Adopt a wolf and it’ll turn into a loyal companion. No training required.
4Share beneficial spells with your wolf.
6Your wolf is blessed by Freya and turns into a winter wolf: HD 3+1 AC 4 bite 1d10 (1–4/6) or breath of ice 2d6 for 5m (5–6/6) F4 MV 15
7The winter wolf grows larger: HD 4+1 AC 4 bite 1d10 (1–4/6) or breath of ice 2d6 for 5m (5–6/6) F5 MV 15
8The winter wolf reaches the size of a pony: HD 5+1 AC 4 bite 1d10 (1–4/6) or breath of ice 2d6 for 5m (5–6/6) F6 MV 15

Spellbook: Howl of the Wolf

Spell LevelCaster LevelSpell NameTraditional Name
11Watchful Eye of the Peace Keeperdetect evil
12Scent of Sorcerydetect magic
17Weather the Stormresist cold
23Language of Animalsspeak with animal
24Sound of Silencesilence 15’ radius
28Paralysis of Menhold person
35Light of the Mooncontinual light
36Weapon of the Godsstriking
39Wolf Shape limited polymorph self
47Honey of the Valkyriesneutralize poison
48Wall of Icewall of ice
410Curse of the Völvacurse and remove curse
59The Path to Sessrúmnirraise dead and ray of death
510Freya’s Questquest

Use the above spell list for playing a cleric of Freya right now (as of 12th february)

1st level

universal spell Lay on hands: Heal 1d6+1 HP OR cure paralysis OR gain the heightened senses of a wolf (3d6 to hear noise, smell funny odors) for 10 minutes/level

Resist Cold resist 8 cold damage and become immune to normal cold (e.g. from a glacier)

Detect Evil

Animal friendship Sway non-hostile animals to aid you on your adventures.

2nd level

universal spell Bless +1 to hit, +1 to damage,


Charm animal: like LL charm animal. Wolves save at -4

Empower holy water: 10min/level Holy water you throw deals 2d8 in the first round and 1d8+1 in the second round.

Endurance of the wolf: Subject gains 2 temporary HP per HD it has for 10 minutes (1 combat) hour