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The Valley that must not be Wizards and spells

Planes of Existence

troglodyte creatures

2d6 2- None 3- Rat 4- Molemarian (mount) 5- Manera 6- Rat 7- None 8- Gorlak 9- None 10- Elk Bird (mount) 11- Helmet Snake (thrown) 12- Rutherer

Troglodyte 1HD, AC7, MV12, ML7, F1, 1d6 (claws/weapon)

Manera (80’000) 3 HD, AC 7, MV 12, ML 10, F4, 1d6 (bite) A creature that crawls along the cavern ceiling with four long arms. Its body is shaped as the head of a man with a mouth full of shark teeth. It waits for its prey to pass below.

Green Devourer 3+6 HD, AC 6, MV12, ML10, F4, 1d6+1d6 1d6+1d6 (acidic mouth) A medium-sized monster walking on two clawed legs. It has two mouths on the ends of a pair of tentacles. It uses its mouths to digest its victims with acid and rows of razor-like teeth. (lacks organs besides heart/intestines)

Gorlak 1 HD, AC 7, MV15, ML10, F1, 1d6 (bite) A small, round humanoid found wandering the caves deep underground. Most of its body is taken up by a huge tusked mouth.

Helmet Snake 2 hp, AC 9, MV6, ML10, NM, 1+poison (necrotic) A snake-like creature living deep underground. Its head is covered in armor so that is resembles the head of a dragon.

Molemarian 2 HD, AC 7, MV18, ML10, F2, 1d6 (weapon) A hideous monster that has the body of a giant mole-rat and the torso of a mole-rat man. It is found deep underground. (feels no pain)

Pond Grabber 2 hp, AC 9, MV3 (24 in water), ML10, NM, 1d6 (bite, claws) A small creature that lives in watery ditches deep underground. It has a sharp beak and four tentacles with claws at the end.

Drunian 1 HD, AC 7, MV12, F1, 1d6 (bucking, biting) A dwarf-sized quadruped with a mane circling its manlike face and hands at the end of its forelimbs. It lives underground and is fond of raiding the supplies of cavern outposts.

Large Rat (25’000) 2 hp, AC8, MV18, ML, 2 (bite)

LARGE monsters (Horse size 200’000)

Rutherer 4 HD, AC 6, MV21, ML10, 2d6 (bite) 1d6 (tail) A huge monster with an enormous tail, covered with thick fur. They run on four legs and can be found deep under the earth. (can charge) (can be mount) (large groups)

Elk bird 3 HD, AC7, MV18, ML, 2d6 (antlers) A large creature found grazing on mushrooms deep underground. It walks on two legs and has the head of a bird with the antlers of a great elk. (can be mount) (can charge)

NPC parties

NPC parties

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The Mong Ols DEAD

They are on the way to passionhelm. They have heard of the Riches of Koganusân and are here to get their share of the action.

Urir (C3 Arkath) AC2, mace, 3d6, Lay on Hands, Bless, Fire wreath, got out! Ejas (T1) AC7, oil+torch(18)/sword(19), 1d4 Rigoth (D3 Malassa) AC 5, Crossbow+poison(once)(18)/shortsword(18), 3d8+3 Evala (E3) AC 8, darts(17)/dagger(18), 2d6+1 sleep, shield, Floating Disk Shidu (L1) AC 5 chain, claws+1 (STR), 2d8 Tekkud (F5) AC3 shield+1, sword(16), 5d8, Second Wind Getak (F3) AC 4 shield, mace, 3d8

On them they have 50 gold each, Plate +1 (Urir), Shield +1 (Tekkud), Scroll of charm person + Read Languages + Floating Disk (Evala), 2 poisoned bolts (sv or 15 damage/kill) (Tekkud)


Tekkud, Leader, “Well met!” “Onwards!” “Death and Glory!” “Surrender now, Fools!”

Ejas, Timid “Uhm” “Eh” “if you say so” “can’t someone else do it”

Rigoth, shady “ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight” “I can tell you for the right price” “Some things are better left uninvestigated”

Getak, In it to prove himself, Soldier “Yes, Sir!” “Pummeled you good!” “Tactical retreat, I’ll cover you!” “Soldiering is all I know.”

Urir, personal quest (arkath temple, thinks caccast is the long lost temple of Arkath), “I’m in a hurry”, “Arkath wills it!”

Evala; Big-city elf snobby, prissy/overly sensitive, has a thing for Getak, is impressed by his eagerness, Tekkuds fanatical eagerness is simply creepy “Wow, even more dirty peasants, This is beneath me, Tekkud, please handle this.” “In Nathobgil they say the elves on the frontier are so savage and eat their kills, is it true?”

Shidu, Noble Savage “This servant of Shalassa greets you” “Want to exchange interesting stories” “By my honor I will strike you down!”

The Doom-Spiders of Elrath

new NPC party (8 of them) Level 2 and 3 Evil Party, pretend to be Elrath fanatics, if questioned they react rude and eventually attack, if victorious and Cleric Kemsa is alive, they spare the defeated’s lives and only rob them blind All of them except Kemsa hail from Elmsmotsong and dress accordingly (Turbans, Robes, scimitars, curved bows)

Elf 4 (leader) Ametha, f, AC2, Read Magic, Knock, Phantasmal force, Hold portal, HA ancient tenacity (+2 save vs spell, immune to sleep)

Cleric of Elrath 4, Kemsa Earthenwitches, f AC2 shield, Cure, Bless, Light, resist acid

Fighter 4 Dik Heartstopped, m, AC2 shield, Second Wind, 1d6+1, Scimitar +1 “Fencertyrants” under influence of the sword

Elf 2 Irene, f, AC6 shield, sleep, MM

Goblin 2 Dang, f AC6 shield

Goblin 4 Atu Malicecosmos, m, AC5 shield+1

Goblin 3 Nguslu, m AC6 shield

Goblin 2 Snamoz, m AC6 shield

Fencertyrant, INT 2, PS 9, WP11, neutral, evil (wants to see blood and slaughter) if WP at time of check > wielder’s WP → sword takes control

Influence checks 1. The wielder first touches the sword 2. The swordÊs motivation comes into play 3. A character of a differing alignment touches the sword 4. Another magical sword is found 5. A character has lost 50% of his hp (reduce his WP by 1d4 temporarily)


The Eye-Thorns

8 Members, all clad in spiked metal armor. All of them are wrestlers and use their armor to hurt enemies (1d6). They love to gang up on enemies. In that case a second hit in the same round on the same target does 2d6 damage. A third attack in the same round deals 3d6 damage. Any subsequent hit on the same target deals 3d6 damage.

Dwarf 3 Seana AC 3

Dwarf 3 Rigast “

Dwarf 3 Marmun “

Dwarf 3 Meltor “

Dwarf 3 Dundee “

Dwarf 3 Gamon “

Dwarf 3 Kenmore “

Dwarf 3 Kono “



NPC party A

Leader Liyiyi Pregnantseed the Dead Urns E6, 22hp, AC4, shield, ML8, 2/2/2, Create Water, Sleep, Burning Hands, Invis, Fly, Fireball Wand of Dispel Magic (5th) 7/13 charges,

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