Goblin Class

Since the dawn of history the goblin people have been embroiled in the war between the living god Asno and the dragon Malassa.

You advance faster than your peers but have a low level cap. You are always better at hiding. Your constitution score is set at eight (-1) and cannot rise above that. You must worship the cruel god Asno or suffer his wrath. Or you can worship the dragon Malassa that can protect you from said wrath.

You must have a minimum Dexterity of 9 to choose this class.

Your hit die is the d8. You can wear any armour and use any weapon.

Level 0 (Scum)

  1. Level 0 (Veteran)
  2. Level 1’751 (Warrior)
  3. Level 3’501 (Weaponmaster)
  4. Level 7’001 (Hero/Villain)
  5. Level 14’001 (Myrmidon)
  6. Level 28’001 (Ambush Leader)
  7. Level 56’001 (Champion)
  8. Level 112’001 (General)
  9. Level 224’001+ (Master)

You cannot rise beyond level 9 but still accrue experience. At 9th level you can murder another Master and take over all his holdings.

to Hit AC0123456789
Level 1-319181716151413121110
Level 41817161514131211109
Level 5171615141312111098
Level 6-716151413121110987
Level 7-81514131211109876
Level 9141312111098765
Saving ThrowsDragon Breath, ExplosionsParalysis, PetrificationDeath, PoisonRays, WandsSpells, Miracles
Level 1–31615131417
Level 4–61413111215
Level 7–8101191013
Level 9897811


1 in 6 for normal tasks

1st level: 2 in 6 to hide

3rd level: 3 in 6 to hide

6th level: 4 in 6 to hide

9th level: 5 in 6 to hide

Special abilities (5,7,9):

Shadow Operative: In the surprise round, attack at aditional +2 and double your damage (roll twice). Once per adventure.

Sudden Strike: Attack from the Back area even if there is no space (without a polearm or pike even).

Choosing sides: Gain 2 reputation with either Asno or Malassa. Lose 5 reputation with the one you did not choose.