You can gain favour with the gods. Each “point” you earn, increases your chances of success when you pray for salvation (or an immediate solution for a problem) during adventures. Don’t pray too often though, they might not take well to being harrassed by mortals!

You can pray if your score is below 0, but it will have no effect

If you think a particular action you performed warrants a faith point increase, talk to the GM/referee after session.

Dragon Aspects

Armok, god of fire, blood and iron. Patron of dwarves. Firecallers and Berserkers

Elrath, dragon aspect of light, beasts and protection. Protects the weak and righteous. Foe of undeath. Foe of night creatures. Lightbringers and Crusaders

Ylath, dragon aspect of air, humanity and travel. Patron of humans. Foe of disease spreaders. Stormpriests and Windswords

Jura, dragon aspect of earth, nature and the wild. Protects the wild, prosecutes polluters and slays abominations. Druids and Bladedancers

Malassa, From the the shadows, the whole world will unravel before you dragon aspect of darkness, trickery and secrets. Foe of Asno. Whisperers of Secrets and Stalkers

Mera, dragon aspect of water and knowledge. Patron of all scaled creatures. Tidepriest and Loreseekers

Unfathomable Cosmic Dwellers

Mitra, the seeing eye, god of law. Foe of all things chaos (including night creatures). Lawspeakers and Justicars

Ascended Mortals

Alnos, Death is the natural end point of life god of death. Allows the use of corporeal undead, but punishes the ones who hurt spirits. Necromancers and Death Knights


Asno, Lord of torture, The Living One, Master of Goblinkind Masters or Mistresses of Pain and Villains

Underking, Bledia I, the Downcast, the Smokey Dealer, Makes deals with mortals, easy to summon, member of the Unholy Trio. Heretic-Militants and Heretics

[[Norno?]], Pray to the fullmoon, and I will offer you power overwhelming god of chaos, the night and the moon, foe of Mitra, member of the Unholy Trio. Sorcerors and Heretics

[[Maker_of_Bad_Growth?]], the primary disease bringer, foe of Ylath, member of the Unholy Trio Cancer Priests and Heretics

Jotun Giants




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